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Ooni Pizza Ovens


Discover Ooni Pizza Ovens at Abt

Recreate an authentic pizzeria experience from the comfort of your patio or yard with Ooni pizza ovens. Pizza connoisseurs are likely familiar with the brand, which prides itself on industry-leading designs and technology. The brand was born out of a desire to recreate restaurant-quality pizzas at home. The missing link? High heat. Luckily, Ooni pizza ovens cook at 950° F so you can achieve professional results at home. They're designed for faster cooking times, great prices and portability. Their compact size and surprisingly light weight means these outdoor appliances can come with you during a move or on a staycation. Yes, Ooni pizza ovens can even be taken on the go. These outdoor appliances are available in a variety of fuel source options, whether you prefer to cook with gas or want to give wood pellets a shot. Each fuel type has its own benefits that you'll want to research to ensure you're picking the right pizza maker for your patio. Each of Ooni's pizza ovens is the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor entertaining space, whether you're upgrading your outdoor kitchen or starting from scratch. The brand believes that everyone deserves to enjoy great food and strives to fill a unique need for home chefs everywhere.

Wonderful and Wood-Fired

Wood-fired cooking is a must for those seeking the best flavor and the most nutrients from their food. It helps retain the nutrients of ingredients, offering a healthier alternative to greasy pizzeria pies. Ooni recognized the need for accessible wood-fired cooking at home and developed their collection of products to reflect that need. By reaching temperatures that far exceed that of a traditional oven, you'll be able to enjoy perfectly crispy crust and gooey, bubbly cheese just like your favorite pizzeria makes it. The incredibly high temperature and fast cooking helps prevent soggy crust as it eliminates the moisture produced by cheese, tomatoes and other ingredients. Wood-fired cooking can cook pizzas in 60 seconds, meaning you can easily prepare delicious meals in a flash, perfect for parties or busy families. The best part? Ooni pizzas can make way more than those deliciously cheesy pies. You can find a variety of recipes for rolls, chicken wings and more in the brand's iconic cookbook or get creative and come up with your own dishes.

Must-Have Accessories & Add-ons

Abt offers more than just the Ooni pizza ovens. Their lineup of accessories, utensils, cookbooks and more will have you churning out restaurant-quality pizzas with ease. They're also ideal for expanding the culinary potential of your wood-burning appliance, giving you the ability to enjoy protein dishes like roasted turkey or sweet treats like hot cross buns. You can even purchase tables on which to place your products for users who don't have an outdoor kitchen. These tools and utensils are crafted with the same quality as Ooni pizza ovens for products you'll love using year round. If you have any inquiries about the Ooni brand or any of their products, call 800-860-3577 to speak with an Abt expert. You can also visit our Glenview storefront to speak with them or see our offering in person.

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May 16, 2023