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PNY Solid State Drives at Abt

High-Performance, Endurance and Reliability.

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PNY Flash Drives and SSD Storage

PNY offers high performance, affordable products that are designed to meet your computer's needs. A leading manufacturer of computer accessories for decades, PNY has everything you need to upgrade your computer or other electronics. Their global presence is a testament to the reliability and quality of their products. Gamers, engineers, tech buffs, and business owners can all benefit from upgrading their computer from time to time and PNY products make upgrading easy. These products will enhance your computer's operation and storage capacity to improve productivity and save you some money.

One of PNY's flagship products is the SSD, or solid state drive. Solid state drives are used to upgrade your computer's storage from a hard disk drive (HDD). For serious computer users, an SSD is an upgrade from an HDD because solid state drives use flash-based memory, which makes your computer operate significantly faster. If you store a lot of important files on your computer, switching to a PNY SSD is beneficial because hard disk drives are very likely to fail as they're based on moving parts. If you're a gamer or own your own business, you'll enjoy the incredible storage capacity and speedy response times from a solid state drive. Even if you're not a computer aficionado, you can still benefit from upgrading to a PNY SSD. If your computer is running slow, you may not have to replace it yet. Instead, swap out the hard disk drive for a reliable SSD, which costs significantly less than buying a whole new computer. PNY solid state drives are available in multiple storage capacity options at a surprisingly affordable price. PNY ssd models are specifically SATA models, which means they are designed primarily for storage.

Abt also offers PNY flash drives, which are ideal if you require significant storage space or need to keep many different files organized. If you keep running out of space on your computer, your PNY flash drive can help you free up space, especially if you have files on your computer that you need but don't necessarily access every day. If you have tons of family photos, keep them safe on an external flash drive so you can access them when you want. Business owners may want to invest in several PNY flash drives to organize files; a photographer, for example, may keep projects sorted by client or by types of events, whereas a writer may separate their essays from their short stories. Of course, the biggest benefits to flash drives is their portability, which allows you to hold an entire work presentation in the palm of your hand. Just like their SSDs, the flash drives feature a competitive price point that belies their exceptional quality. Another quality that flash drives share with SSDs is that they are faster and more reliable than HDDs as they lack failure-prone moving parts. PNY flash drives are available in multiple capacities, giving you the freedom and flexibility to organize files as you please. Abt carries the PNY products to enhance your computer experience.

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    Ada Z. - Neenah, WI
    May 19, 2022