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Peerless-AV, Beyond Compare

It's all in the name: the Peerless-AV brand is designed to stand out from the crowd with products that are different than those you'll find from other manufacturers. With roots that reach back over 75 years, they can claim titles like "Creators of the First CRT TV Mount"— instead of buying heavy furniture modern televisions needed to stand upon, Peerless-AV brought them up off the ground. While that might be common now, it wasn't decades ago. So whether these engineers are crafting video wall mounts or next-gen outdoor televisions designed to withstand the elements, you can be sure that any product you purchase from these tech masters has no parallel.

While Peerless-AV is known for their at-home products, folks might have walked by their screens out in the world without even knowing it. Peerless-AV creates screens that are so bright and durable that they're used in cities for advertisements. Different images flicker across each screen, and their TV walls are eye-catching whether they're inside or not. At home, you can experience the same sense of wonder with their outdoor TVs.

Outdoor Televisions For High Heat and Low Temps

Peerless-AV's outdoor TVs are made to withstand more than just clear nights in late spring afternoons and early fall evenings. These are all-weather models designed to handle what the weather throws at your home. Some models are all-weather rated, meaning that they'll still be able to function at 22°F below zero. You'll want to break out the firepit, the blankets and the s'mores for those days. When temperatures soar (even as high as 122°F, you'll be able to watch sports and movies, but you may want to bring out some icy drinks and soak in the pool with some sunscreen. Whatever your outdoor space looks like, you'll be able to enjoy the full spectrum of entertainment. Choose from UHD 4K devices that exceed high definition and look for devices designed for a seamless user experience. Then mount your Peerless-AV outdoor TV in the perfect spot: on the patio, beside your grilling space, across from the pool or right by the firepit. Upgrade everything you love about being outside with the full scope of modern entertainment. Even plug in your video game consoles and play the newest AAA games outside (even on days with partial sun). No need to hide in a dark cave, basement or bedroom—bring what you love out into the world.

Having Trouble Picking Out Your TV?

Whether you're picking out the first TV for your new house or just browsing through stands, it can be tough to choose from a crowded selection. Bring Peerless-AV and its decades of history into your home and you won't be disappointed. Still not sure this brand has the right products for you? Reach out to our team of television specialists at 800-860-3577 for expert opinions. We'll be able to help you pick the electronics that are right for your lifestyle—and the ones that are not. For more help, head to the store to see our selection yourself. Hoping to do some research from home? Then head to our TV Buying Guide to read up on everything you might need to know about the next generation of screens.