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Pivo: Turn Your Smartphone Into A Cameraman

Active shots have never looked better with a little help from Pivo, the masters of cell phone camera mount. The engineers behind their primary technology have masterminded a phone mount that performs unlike any other. Their suite of cellphone accessories can track movement and even snap pictures automatically with a little help from their smart artificial intelligence system. Pivo's artificial intelligence behaves just like a friend trying to capture all your action shots and stunts, but if they were well trained and a bit quicker with the shutter. Take pictures, follow movement in videos and even connect to apps all without touching your phone. Get ready to become internet famous (or just to have a dance party via video call). Whether you're hoping to use your tech for business or breakdancing, Pivo will be ready to capture your greatest moments at a moment's notice.


Simple, Portable & Bluetooth Connected

These easy-to-maneuver pods are designed to make any video recording session simple. Instead of picking up, repositioning and grappling with angles, users can watch and marvel as the Pivo pods turn to follow the action. These Bluetooth-compatible devices are simple to connect and easy to fall in love with. Choose the model that best meets your needs. Some are designed with 360° auto-tracking abilities, allowing them to turn to follow the action as users walk, bike, skateboard or hike along. Record every moment as you move and speak, then upload online and watch as reactions roll in.

Dancers, Skaters, Artists, Parkour: Expand Your Influencer Options

Whether you're starting up a dance studio, creating your own Twitch channel, capturing stunts you perform out at the skate park or record artistic tutorials, an influencer can't do it on their own these days. Expand your team of one with help from a Pivo pod. Place your smartphone in the pod and switch between different settings to create videos, GIFs, self-snapping photos, time-lapses and panoramas. Use the Smart Capture feature to take pics and videos without a touch—instead, set up an audio or visible signal. Snap a finger, pose, or say the word and your photo will be taken just when you want it. The perfect shot, without worrying about coordinating with (or paying for ) a professional photographer or buy a high-tech high-tech camera.

Budding Influencers Get Their Start at Abt

No matter what social media platform you post on (or avoid), it's important to showcase the best side of yourself. Find everything you need to become a content creator right here at Abt with a little help from Pivo. Discover proper lighting kits, audio equipment, lenses and phone cases to make your next piece stunning. No matter who you share your GIF, video or tutorial with, they'll become inspired. Give our team a call at 800-860-3577 to figure out how to get your start, or head into the store to speak to our salespeople. You'll be able to see all the products we have out on the floor, too.