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Pro-Ject High End Audio Systems

Pro-Ject High End Audio Systems at Abt

With over 30 years of experience in the high-end audio market, Pro-Ject Audio Systems brings outstanding quality and daring design to their product lineup. With audiophile leanings and engineering all the way from Austria, Pro-Ject turntables and audio components give you everything you need for great sound and nothing you don't. This simplicity is evident in the design language and function of the hi-fi gear.

Pro-Ject Turntables are Analog in a Digital Domain

It's safe to say that the company was built on bringing the best analog audio experience to users worldwide. In the early 1990s when the company was founded, there were many contenders trying to take over the home audio mantle from cassette tapes. Compact Discs, or CDs, ended up ruling the roost, but MiniDisc, Digital Audio Tape, and Digital Compact Cassettes were all trying to take the crown. It was then surprising that Pro-Ject went all in with producing an analog record player in this environment. The reason was as simple as the turntables themselves - create a device that would produce the best sound at the best price. Decades later, this is still true - and the full lineup of Pro-Ject turntables at Abt show their heritage in a strong way.

Pro-Ject Components are Built to Perform

With simple timeless style and solid metal construction on many components, Pro-Ject Audio Systems are a great example of the form enhancing teh function. In addition to looking great, the sturdy product assembly serves to dampen and reduce unwanted vibrations, the enemy of any audiophile. Engineered and made in Europe with top tier parts, Pro-Ject pays attention to the details and keeps an eagle eye on quality.

Making Analog Audio Accessible at all Price Points

An array of audiophiles assert that vinyl just sounds better, and the resurgence in popularity of records in recent years bears that out. A format that is nearly a century old continues to bring new listeners into the fold, and Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntables are a great way to unlock the warm and smooth sound of this technology. Packed with phonograph-enhancing engineering, some models can weigh close to 50 pounds in search of reducing resonance and vibrations. The company's simple aesthetic features stunning and sleek designs, with cool contours and vibrant color choices. If you're new to the old school tech of vinyl, our exclusive guide to record players for beginners will get you started.

Pump up your Audio with a Pro-Ject Pre-Amplifier or Amplifier

Complete your hi-fi setup with the power of Pro-Ject Audio Systems Amplifiers and Pre-Amplifiers. Made to enhance your music and look magnificent in the process, many models feature tubes that shape the sound and show off the components in an astonishing fashion. Modern and retro at the same time, Pro-Ject Audio Systems hi-fi components bring big sound and style to your setup.

Analog Audio and Amplification from Pro-Ject at Abt

High quality meets simple and stylish design with the lineup of Pro-Ject audio components available at Abt. Our Home Audio Experts can help you out with questions or product recommendations at 800-860-3577. The products are priced to compete, and Abt's Low Price Guarantee will get you the best for less. Pick up a piece from Pro-Ject and enjoy an amazing analog audio experience at home!