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    Serial 1 eBikes by Harley-Davidson

    Serial 1 eBikes are here to transform your commute. Their electronic bikes are inspired by the Harley-Davidson vision, introducing a new collection of powerful two-wheeled transportation. With Serial 1, the iconic brand's goal is to turn every ride into an adventure, bringing thrill and excitement to the most mundane tasks like running errands. Leveraging Harley-Davidson's century of innovation, Serial 1 eBikes are designed with the most advanced technology possible. Whether you're hitting your favorite trail or riding to work, your everyday routine will feel a little more special when you're zipping around on these motorized bicycles. They're great for the environmentally-conscious consumer as well, leaving less cars on the roads to produce emissions. You'll be able to exercise more and enjoy a less-stressful commute without having to contend with rush hour traffic. If you're the adventurous type, you'll love the freedom an electric bicycle can give, offering access to places you can't travel by car while offering greater traveling distance than traditional cycling. They're a great way to explore a new city or see your favorite trail in a new light.

    Serial 1 eBikes are currently available in two styles: Mosh/Cty, the city model, and Rush/Cty, the commuter model. Rush/Cty is available in three variations to suit different applications: regular (also called step-over), Step-Thru, and Speed. The Mosh is the simpler of the two while still offering incredible power and sleek aesthetics. If you're an experienced electric bicycle rider, the Rush may be more your speed. The Rush offers a different frame and also has a self-shifting CTV hub located in the rear wheel, which allows you to pedal at your own speed whether the bike is moving faster or slower. Most of the models reach 20 mph for convenient cruising while the Speed model can reach up to 28 mph for surprisingly efficient transportation. No matter what your cycling needs are, Serial 1 by Harley-Davidson has an option for you. Each of their bicycles are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes to accommodate a variety of rider heights; you can also choose from a range of colors including black, white, grey and silver for the ultimate custom vehicle. All Serial 1 eBikes are designed with the motor and battery placed low on the vehicle, which creates a lower center of gravity for better handling so you can literally feel the innovation as you ride.

    Proprietary Features

    Those who are looking for a mode of transportation that sticks out from the crowd need look no further. Serial 1 eBikes feature a carbon-fiber belt instead of a classic bike chain that requires far less maintenance like lubrication or adjustment. The result is a smoother, quieter ride with less technical knowledge of bicycles required. Hydraulic disk brakes eliminate cables that would need adjustment or maintenance as well. The removable battery pack means you can easily keep your ride fueled up without having to lug the entire bicycle inside your home. The Rush series also features a lockable glove box, great to keep your possessions secure as you hit the road. Thoughtful features come together for an unbeatable ride. If this is your first electric bike purchase, it's normal to have questions. We're here to help: call our friendly experts at 800-860-3577 for personalized assistance or check out Abt's electric bike buying guide for more information.

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