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Founded in 2002, it's taken Sonos less than 20 years to emerge as a top brand when it comes to reliable, cutting-edge audio technology. The brand partners with Oscar- and Grammy-winning producers and mixers to ensure that each of their devices produces high-quality, lifelike sound for an incredible user experience. Through its partnerships with brands like Apple and Google, Sonos speakers let you stream music from your favorite platforms or use virtual assistants to make daily tasks easier. Their selection of speakers lets you enjoy the classics and up-and-coming artists, no strings attached. Their wireless technology allows for greater flexibility to create stunning soundscapes everywhere from the bedroom to the living room or even the kitchen.

Models like the Sonos One, the One SL and the Move are all designed for different applications, whether you're having a BBQ in the backyard or singing off-key in the shower: the One SL is compact and humidity resistant, the One is a smart speaker designed with music lovers in mind and the Move is battery-powered for indoor and outdoor listening. As each of these speakers is relatively compact, they're great in rooms where space is at a premium. Even people living in cramped college dorms or studio apartments can enjoy the stunning clarity and booming bass normally associated with much larger sound systems. With the Sonos Roam, you can take your music on the go, whether you've been assigned DJ duties at a party or want to listen to your favorite podcast while you relax on the beach. On top of improving the listening experience, the brand also aims to improve lives—partnering with nonprofits, offering supply chain transparency and prioritizing diversity and inclusion are a testament to the brand's high standards.

An Audio Solution for Every Room in Your Home

The brand also has designated solutions for your TV. Choosing the right audio setup for your living room or home theater is crucial to get the most enjoyment out of your favorite movies and TV shows. From thundering horse hooves to whispered dialogue, Sonos soundbars bring the cinematic experience home. For a no-frills option that still delivers great audio quality, Sonos developed the Beam, a compact solution that blends right into your home decor. The Beam's upgraded counterpart is the Arc, which uses Dolby Atmos to create the most immersive, 3D sound possible while still remaining fairly compact. Looking to add layers to your home audio? The SUB adds deep, booming bass to your setup for a soundscape that feels truly cinematic. From TV to documentaries and even gaming, these soundbar speakers will transform your experience.

Sonos soundbars deliver stunning sound, whether you opt for the Arc, the Beam, the SUB or something else altogether. Of course, the brand offers plenty of other products to streamline your listening or viewing experience. Abt boasts an enviable lineup of Sonos bestsellers both online and in store. Should you have questions about the brand or any of their products, don't hesitate to contact our audio specialists at 800-860-3577.

For your music

  • Sonos Five


    The High-Fidelity Speaker
    for Superior Sound
  • Sonos Era 300

    Era 300

    With next-level audio
    that hits from every direction,
    Era 300 doesn’t just surround
    you, it puts you inside your music.
  • Sonos Era 100

    Era 100

    Featuring next-gen acoustics
    and new levels of connectivity,
    Era 100 transforms any room with
    the finely tuned stereo sound
    and rich bass your music deserves.

For your TV

  • Sonos Arc Soundbar


    The premium smart soundbar
    for TV, movies, music, gaming,
    and more.
  • Sonos Beam Soundbar


    The smart, compact soundbar
    for your TV.
  • Sonos Ray Soundbar


    The Small HD Gaming Soundbar
  • Sonos SUB


    Powerful, deep impact bass for
    your home theater and your music.

For on the go

  • Sonos Roam


    Stream music and more over
    WiFi at home and listen on
    the go with Bluetooth.

Upgrade your stereo

  • Sonos Port


    The versatile streaming component
    for your stereo or receiver.
  • Sonos Black Amp Amplifier


    The versatile amplifier for powering
    all your entertainment.

Architectural Sound

  • Sonos In-Wall


    Enjoy bold and focused sound
    for TV, music and more
  • Sonos In-Ceiling


    The architectural speakers
    for ambient listening
  • Sonos Outdoor


    Experience great sound
    in the great outdoors
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