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Spin Master


Spin Master Toys: Monster Jam Trucks & More

Whether you're searching for action-packed trucks for your own kids or hunting for gifts for little nieces and nephews, they're bound to love four-wheeled Spin Master toys. Designed for anyone over age 3, these cars are made to crash, bash and rehash. Collectors and children alike will love having these interactive sets at the ready. Next time a NASCAR race is about to begin or a monster truck battle is about to start, don't watch without your Spin Master toys. The selection doesn't stop with tiny Monster Jam cars, either: look for crafty kits that include kinetic sand, ramps, shovels and more, or pick out a few models so that local friends can race and perform tricks together. Be careful not to leave anyone out—you'll want to have enough on hand to keep everyone playing for as long as they want.

Blind Packs

No one wants one sibling to be jealous of the other's gear. Looking to pick out a few auto figurines for multiple children in the house? Grab a handful of foil-coated blind packs. Each blind pack hides its true identity within a shining package, making it impossible to know which model is inside. Pass one or two to each kid and watch their excitement grow as they tear each one open. Reveal different models inside, like Monster Jam trucks designed to look like ferocious sharks, snarling raptors and stomping bulls. You'll never know what you're going to find within. Let the little ones trade back and forth, or see if they can collect the complete set. They'll make a fun display on a bedroom bookshelf or in a playroom.

Not Just for Kids

Spin Master toys are designed with fun for little ones in mind, but many figurines are the perfect picks for Monster Jam fans. The high-octane TV show and live events display some of the most daring auto racing and tricks in the nation, from two-wheeled skills to competitive racing. Some of the most popular cars have an immense following from loyal fans. You'll find miniature versions of trucks like Grave Digger and Megalodon among Spin Master toys. These fan-favorites make the perfect gifts for Monster Jam watchers who find themselves cheering during every match. Showcase yours alongside autographs, posters and other figurines to create a collector's display. Alternatively, shuffle through blind packs to fill out your collection and find more obscure models. Whether the fan in your life is eight, eighteen or 80, you'll find the perfect Spin Master toys and Monster Jam trucks for them at Abt.

Not Sure Which Ones to Pick?

If you're not sure which of these Spin Master toys is the right model for the truck-lover in your life, don't fear. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the perfect one for your unique situation. Give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to speak to us in person. You'll be able to find Spin Master toys and games (along with other sweet deals and activities) in our Candy Store in the Abt Atrium. Scoop up chocolates, taffy, gummies and other sweets while you're there. Looking for holiday stocking stuffers, birthday presents or anniversary gifts instead? Then check out our center for Gifts and Gift Cards.