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Tarrerias-Bonjean: World-Class Blades from a French Knives Brand

Cutting through your delicate foods shouldn’t be a tough struggle—it should be a simple part of the cooking process, like gliding a spoon through butter (or a marinated roast). Make sure your kitchen has all of the cutlery it needs with help from Tarrerias-Bonjean, our newest French knife brand. Like Abt, the Terrerias family comes from humble origins with roots that reach deep into five generations of expertise. Today’s products branch out far, though, with a wide range of options designed to equip an entire chef’s kitchen with everything necessary to craft high-quality meals. Chef’s blades, Santoku models, six-piece steak sets and more are all available in our Gourmet shop. Learn more about the French knives brand and their craftsmanship below.

Blades Big and Small

While many search for French knife brands to replace one or two dull, outdated versions stuck in their kitchen drawer, these masters of metalwork cover nearly all modern cutlery needs. You’ll find replacements for every dull version in your block, from fillet cutters to bread tools. Spear-like roast forks and carving models are on the menu as well. If you’re looking for a complete kitchen revamp, it might be time for one of the French knives brand’s cutlery sets, too. Equip your space with one of their magnetic blocks; these show off the beautiful blades as well as the ergonomic handles. Place any magnetic chopper you like here, or just use it to display your beloved collection. They’ll be within reach at any moment—and since you can see them at all times, you’ll never have to guess which model you’re reaching for.

A Classic Look or A New Tech?

Like many French knife brands, Tarrerias-Bonjean has crafted multiple collections designed for different chefs and home cooks. Their Louis collection is made with beveled walnut handles, while a sturdy black polymer makes up the handle of every one of their Ideal models. But the true head-turner is their Furtif Evercut. With a geometric black handle that arcs to meet a dark-hued metal body, this collection is designed to never need sharpening (guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer). But the true appeal might just be their aesthetic. Modernists will love the dark coloring and cube-shaped grip, while at-home chefs will appreciate the world-record edge retention—it retains its sharpness for significantly longer than traditional steel blades. These ones are even dishwasher safe, long considered a taboo among the culinary world.

Searching For The Best Set Of Knives?

If you’re on the hunt for a replacement, a new set or something to add to your wedding registry, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need from our French knives brand. Tarrerias-Bonjean’s instruments have something for every home—complete your kitchen collection with a little help from Abt. For help picking out the best models for your lifestyle and recipes, speak to our experts at 800-860-3577 or head into our Gourmet shop. There, you’ll be able to speak to our representatives and see our collection in person. To do some research from home, check out our Cutlery Buying Guide