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Hardshell Laptop Cases from TechProtectUs

Your devices are worth the investment you've put into them, from the initial cost to the software subscriptions and beyond. Make your MacBook your own and protect it from harm with hardshell laptop cases from Abt. TechProtectUs creates each of their sturdy protective products with the user in mind, helping you to keep your life's work safe. Whether you're deep in the process of image editing or typing away to finish that gen ed course's assignment by midnight, you shouldn't do it without safety. Accidents can strike at any moment, from simple scrapes and scratches to spilled coffees and falls from high bunk beds. Be ready ahead of time with a hardshell laptop case, screen cover and keyboard cover from TechProtectUs.

Safe and Secure, Yet Lightweight

Computer gear can often weigh users down—after all, who wants to bring pounds of cords, headphones and chargers along when you're on the go? That's why this protective equipment from TechProtectUs is designed to pair both strength and function with slight weights. Many product covers are under 12 ounces, an increase that most users won't even notice. Slide yours into your backpack or messenger bag and hit the road—you'll feel pretty light on your feet.

Once you've attached the cover, move a little closer to get a better look. These plastic shells are designed with the modern user in mind thanks to full-fledged venting. The proper venting system helps to directly send heat away from your computer's most sensitive hardware, like the hard drive, even when you're using heavy software and playing games. Extreme overheating can damage systems within, so be wary of long-term heat exposure even with your computer's built-in fans and these vents.

Express Yourself Through Color

At TechProtectUs, it's not all about specs. Make your MacBook look amazing with stylish hardshell laptop cases in different colors and patterns. Every Apple computer has a similar silhouette and style—make yours different and express your personality with colors like rose pink, light purple, clear, matte black, and white and black marble. Look for one that matches your personality or personal aesthetic, and pair it with the included keyboard cover for an extra layer of style (and shield against dust and liquid). Even cover your case with stickers showcasing what you love knowing that your investment in technology is safe beneath. Keep your computer safe within permanently, or swap between different cases based on the day's activities or needs. A job interview might necessitate a more minimalist look than a pink case covered in pastel stickers and patches.

Having A Hard Time Choosing?

Struggling to choose between sizes? Not sure which year your computer came out or which model number to look up? If you're struggling, you're in the right place. Our team of experts is at the ready to help you pick out your perfect option. Give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to see us in person. Alternatively, do some research at home with our Laptop Buying Guide.