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Thrustmaster Gaming Headsets & Steering Wheels

Thrustmaster Gaming Headsets and Steering Wheels at Abt


When it comes to gaming, there's no activity more heart-pounding than racing. This goes beyond third-person shooters, action games, classic kid's sandbox programs and more: there's just nothing like feeling yourself fly. That sensation is what gave birth to Thrustmaster. This company is focused entirely on helping you feel immersed in your experience, whether you're playing a flight simulator, racing along a seaside highway, or are just searching for a next-level controller. Explore all that's possible when you up your game with Thrustmaster.

Liftoff: Yokes & Joysticks For Flying

When you think of a classic gaming controller, you might think of a model that fits between your hands with two control sticks and buttons all over the place. That's not how Thrustmaster approaches gaming and racing. Their goal has always been to create innovative moments that feel true to the experience. Explore their collection of video game racing wheels and flight controls. You won't be disappointed: new gamers can find basic equipment like simple joysticks. But creating a custom set-up is all part of the fun. Check out options endorsed by industry experts like Airbus and Boeing for programs that have you fly through the air. With the stamp of approval from real names in aviation you'll know that every moment will feel as real as possible.

Need For Speed: Racing Wheels and Pedals

Regular handheld controllers don't do the driving experience justice. That's why the engineers at Thrustmaster worked to create wheel and pedal systems designed to make you feel like you're in the middle of the city, pushing past competitors on the road, or lazily running the course as you head towards an easy first-place win. Explore all of the options available. Brakes incorporate magnetic technology, while many have adjustable pedals—these features allow you to create the perfect play setup for you, the driver.

When it comes to the wheel, Thrustmaster brings much more than a D-pad, two control sticks and some triggers. These wheels are often similar to the size you'd find in a regular car for an elevated experience. Feel feedback through the wheel, the same way you would when you're driving. Tap the break, swerve and turnl, feel gears shift and more. Look for the Thrustmaster wheel that's right for you, too: if you're just starting out, you might be searching for something simple, where it's easy to see the buttons you'd otherwise use on a classic controller. If you're already a "driver" looking to level up your game, explore options made for more intuitive driving (or a new game console). Features like a digital dashboard, rubberized grip, and included pedals make many Thrustmaster systems the perfect pick for both new players and expert racers.

If you know the right Thrustmaster system for your style, buy online or head into the Glenview store to purchase. But if you're not convinced, our team of experts is here to help. Our specialists are well versed in what high-powered players need. Give us a call at 800-860-3577 to learn more, or check out our video game console buying guide to learn more.