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Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama Mattresses at Abt

Tommy Bahama mattresses are made for the island life, just like their line of unmistakable clothing. That means prioritizing comfort and support above all else. It's all about sitting back, relaxing and enjoying life, whether you're outfitting your vacation house with all-new furniture or taking a bit of vacation home with you. Every Tommy Bahama mattress is designed with unbeatable hybrid technology made for comfort beyond all others. Layers of fine gel-performance foam fuse with bolsa nested wrapped coils for increased stability. You'll feel it every time you lay down: a completely supported bed, ready for you to sink deep and sleep. Whether you've spent the day out fishing for marlins, partying down by the docks, working at the office or keeping track of the kids, your Tommy Bahama mattress will be waiting for you back at the base for a night of sleep like no other.

Hybrid Beds Made Differently

Tommy Bahama hybrids are constructed from more than just foam and springs. These beds are designed with the ultimate comfort, support and longevity in mind for supportive sleep that lasts. Instead of leaving sleepers with a massive layer of foam that degrades quickly, the designers behind these hybrid beds worked thoughtfully. Gel on top keeps resters cool, while layers of foam, quilting, a high amount of coils and latex provide breathability instead of spaces for heat to be trapped. Meanwhile, durable high-density foam helps every hybrid Tommy Bahama mattress stay as supportive and comfortable as possible. These models are even designed to work well with adjustable bases, allowing users to sit up in bed or raise their legs all with just the touch of a remote.

Complete Your Dream Relaxation Bedroom

A bedroom isn't complete with just a bed (even if it's a Tommy Bahama mattress). Give your supportive mattress some extra backbone with gear like an adjustable base as well as cooling or contouring pillows. Consider what you need when it comes to head support—is softer better? Are you a side sleeper, or do you rest on your back? Tommy Bahama mattresses increase airflow and provide support for your body, but you'll need an A-grade pillow to match.

Tommy Bahama mattresses are designed for smooth, soft sleep—so pair yours with a new set of plush, soft sheets and pillowcases for the complete experience. Luxurious sleep will be yours. Pair your sheets with your bedroom's look, or mix and match patterns for a style that says "I'm on vacation". Deep blues and sandy hues let the waves roll off of your Tommy Bahama mattress, while white and a soft gray floor rug or breezy curtains in the room create a backdrop that lets your sheets take the stage. It's all up to you when it comes to your new, outrageously comfortable bed.

If you're not sure that this is the right bed for you, there's an easy way to tell. Head into our showroom and up to the second level to try out some of the beds that Abt's experts have deemed the best of the best. From budget-friendly finds to hand-stitched models, our collection of innerspring, foam and hybrids will have you falling asleep in no time. Hoping to learn more from afar? Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or explore our mattress buying guide online to learn all about modern beds.