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Traeger Wood Fired Grills at Abt

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Join the Wood Fired Revolution with a Traeger Pellet Grill!

Traeger Smokers and Grills Deliver Big Flavor

Make meals easy and memorable with the freedom and flavor of Traeger wood pellet grills. An American original, Traeger's original wood-fired grill was created over 30 years ago in Oregon. Since then, Traeger has continued innovating its products and now offers a full lineup of grills, accessories, and natural hardwood pellets. Traeger wood pellets, the fuel at the heart of the flavor, are made from food-grade hardwood right in America.

The Traeger Difference

Precise temperature control gives you the freedom to choose your cooking style. Grill, smoke, roast, braise, bake, and barbecue to your heart's content, and it's as easy as setting your home oven. The flavor comes from Traeger's unique fuel, pure hardwood pellets. The wood pellets are available in hickory, mesquite, apple, oak, cherry, pecan, alder, and maple. Compared to a regular charcoal or gas grill, Traeger grills allow you to easily choose different fuels for different flavor profiles. Every seasoned grill lover knows that consistent temperatures are the key to consistent results. Traeger uses digital temperature regulation, convection heating, and an automatic wood pellet feeding system to make this happen.

Cooking Flexibility

Cooks in the know love the possibilities that Traeger's solid heat and controlled smoke allows for. Great meats and sides are a given, but cocktails, pizza, and bread pudding are all on the table with your Traeger. Surprise your family and guests by bringing out slow-roasted meat, dessert, and an after-dinner drink, all prepared on the same unit. With a wide choice of wood pellets, the specific flavor of smoke becomes a seasoning element in its own right.

Starting the cooking process is as easy as loading the wood pellets, setting your desired temperature, and pushing the ignition button. A wide variety of dishes can be prepared from a low of 160 degrees to a high of 500 degrees. Cook for a crowd with up to 1,343 square inches of available cooking surface on the Timberline series.

Bring the Smoke

Traeger grills are so versatile and flexible that they also excel as smokers. Traeger smokers let you go low and slow and truly set it and forget it. You won't actually forget it, though, because all Timberline, Ironwood and Pro series models feature WiFIRE technology. This allows you to wirelessly connect a mobile Traeger app or use a smart device to monitor and control your cooking. The digital controller maintains your desired temperature with no effort on your part to tend to the fire. There is also Apple Watch integration that you can use to change the temperature, check on the food or activate Keep Warm Mode without interrupting whatever you're doing. The Traeger App is another great WiFi feature, offering hundreds of recipes for days when you need inspiration or want to make something specific but don't know where to start.

Join the Traegerhood

We carry an extensive line of Traeger products with free shipping and in-home delivery. Everything you need to bring wood-fired flavor to your next meal from Traeger grills and smokers to unique accessories can be found at Abt Electronics. If you have any questions, reach out to one of our resident grill experts at 800-860-3577.