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Make Your Own Colorful Creations With Twinkly

Ready to make your days merrier than ever before? Meet Twinkly, the newest and smartest way to get make your holidays bright and colorful. Unlike classic LED bulbs, their intelligent lights are designed to interact with your smartphone. Choose between different hues, patterns, movement directions and even animations, no matter what way you wrap them. Line your classic Christmas tree with these strings to create a lovely holiday display, then head to your smartphone to start experimenting. Flip between classic white, reds, greens, and choose between all the different ways you can cycle your holiday illumination. The fun doesn't stop at evergreen trees, either: Instead of leaving your Twinkly lights inside on wreaths and boughs tied to doorways, get ready to decorate the outdoor space. Make sure you grab power tools, gloves and any other necessities.

Get Ready For Outdoor Decor

Whether your outdoor space looks like a city balcony outside your condo or a full-fledged lawn that leads to a quiet suburban street, your home deserves colorful evening decoration. Instead of giving up on decor completely, get ready to make your house one of the best on the block. Use an extra-long string of lights to wrap around railings, pillars, trees and branches. Don't forget often-overlooked spaces like low bushes and high gutters as well. Need some help? Make it a family affair and get siblings, kids and spouses involved to plan out the look. Then when you're ready, use the enabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to turn on the Twinkly light strings. Change from one color to the next, keep everything a classic white, or watch your entire home oscillate in rainbow hues. Your neighbors will be too busy messing with extension cords to be jealous.

A Cozy Indoor Environment

Hoping to bring some chromatic change into the house instead? Have fun and get creative. Line the corners of the ceilings for ambient lighting throughout the room, create curtains, or make fun shapes worthy of neon lighting at the hottest club in town. Gamers will love creating their own colorful cave, too. No matter what room you're in, you'll still have the same customizable functionality, whether it's the holiday season or not. Open up the Twinkly app to choose between different colors and animation styles. Keep it simple and monochromatic for a gentle atmosphere, or make everything celebratory with roving rainbows of color. The flat, matte hues are what makes every tiny burst of illumination look completely unique.

Have Happier Holidays Than Ever Before

If you're ready to start decking the halls, hanging the mistletoe and hauling out the tree, then it's time to make the holidays a little more exciting (and easier) this year with help from Twinkly. Find all your holiday needs at Abt, from toys and gifts to electronics and appliances. Not sure what you need? Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We'll be able to help you find everything you need, gift-wise and decor-wise. Hoping to do some more research from home? Check out our Gifts page to learn more about all the presents your loved ones would appreciate this year.