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Victrola: The Future of Authentic Sound

Victrola: with over a hundred years of experience from their ancestor brand, Victor's Talking Voice Box, these experts know everything about sonic history, They've lived it, especially their first phonographs (well-known products called simply "Victrola") that graced many households in the early 1900s. Now, they're revolutionizing record playing again to fit how people listen to music now, rather than how they did in the past. Whether your record collection reaches back to 60s rock or beyond, you'll love hearing it in clear, beautiful sound with help from Victrola's newest turntables.

Take Records With You

While high-fidelity record playing has been a high-standard way to listen to music for decades now, the listening system has never been very portable. In the past, users have needed a stationary turntable, a preamp, an amplifier, and speakers (often stereo speakers—meaning you'll want two of them). That's hardly a portable system, and certainly not one that you can unplug and take with you anywhere. That's why Victrola stepped back and took a look at the modern Victrola turntable, and thought, "We can do this". That's why these turntable engineers are excited to showcase some of their portable pieces. Look for battery-powered models that are designed for fold-away portability. When you reach your destination, simply unfold, drop the needle and listen. Explore models with Bluetooth connectivity for even more volume and power.

At-Home Listening Technology

If you prefer to listen to your entire collection at home, ensure you're equipped with the best Victrola home audio available. Explore choices that meet the rigorous "Works with SONOS" program, meaning that some of their equipment connects with the popular Sonos home audio, including their outdoor and on-the-go systems. That makes for immersive high-fidelity audio you'll be able to hear throughout the home, whether you're entertaining friends, listening on your own or turning on gentle tunes as you accomplish household chores. Bring some of these music makers into the future with the SONOS app—from here, you can control your machine wirelessly. Find a model with an RCA output for good old-fashioned listening via bookshelf speakers. That way, you'll be able to put together a lovingly-crafted and old-fashioned speaker system that fits your needs. Show your records off on the bookshelves nearby for a sleek look, and display the album of the day as you listen. Whether you're hearing high-fidelity music via SONOS sound or connected by wire, Victrola ensures that your music will sound its best.

If you're not sure that Victrola's premium audio products are the right ones for your home, our team of experts is here to help. We're ready to help you choose the right AV gear for your home, whether you're searching for wired speakers, wireless ones, record players or something completely different. We'll be able to help you hear your tunes in hi-fi: give us a call at 800-860-3577 for personalized advice, or head into the store to see (and hear) some of our gear in person. Hoping to learn more from home? Check out our turntable buying guide and see all there is to know about these record-spinners.