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WANDRD Travel Bags: Camera Carrying, Simplified

Any photographer will promptly answer the question “What's the most difficult part of photography?” differently, but they'll all share one common concern: safety in transportation. The ever-expensive, relatively fragile camera and its equipment was not made to be tossed into a school backpack and slammed around all day. Common travel bags often only serve one purpose, with a simple slot or two to hold one instrument and an accompanying lens. The simplicity of the existing (and often, ugly) luggage led brothers Ryan, Spencer, and Austin Cope to design their own product: one that would protect cameras in style, all while leaving extra space for other technology and gear a wanderer would need. They created WANDRD travel bags for people like themselves—travelers, wanderers and artists who expected as much from their accessories as possible. Make sure you're well equipped for your next adventure with one of their backpacks or cases.

Much More Than a Camera Bag

First-time photographers might wonder why they'd need a top-tier travel bag to take their camera from one spot to another. And the truth is, you might not. Amateurs who rarely take photographs and only use one or two lenses may be completely satisfied with their existing camera bags. But many artists, enthusiasts, nature-lovers, navigators and professionals have too much gear to fit in a simple backpack. Laptops, tripods, lighting, multiple SD cards, and different lenses all take up space (especially telephoto models). That's why various WANDRD travel bags and backpacks are designed in varying styles and sizes. Many models feature a rolling top that can expand or roll down, too, allowing extra space for personal belongings. Heading out on a hike? Top your bag with a rain slicker or extra socks. Catching a flight out of town? This is the perfect spot to keep grab-worthy items like portable chargers, neck pillows or a book. And since the high-quality exterior is made from weatherproof material (and includes an emergency rainfly) you'll never need to worry about getting your technology destroyed in the storm.

Organization Made Easy

The next-gen travel bags and backpacks at WANDRD are designed to make journeying with gear as easy as possible. Each internal pocket, case and pad serves a purpose, from convenient passport access to padded laptop and tablet protecton. Customize your lens and accessory storage to keep every fisheye and ultra-wide lens in place during transportation. Meanwhile, removable camera cubes add an extra level of flexibility. Customize your WANDRD tote to keep everything you need easy to access. And when the moment is right, you won't need to spend precious minutes unzipping and digging around for your camera: side access allows you to quickly reach through and grab what you need in no time.

Find Your Photography Accessories at Abt

If you're just starting out in the realm of photo-snapping, the sheer amount of available accessories might feel overwhelming. But when it comes to high-quality gear, some choices are simple. Give our experts at Abt a call at 800-860-3577 if you're unsure which WANDRD travel bag is best for you. Alternatively, head into our store yourself to see our photography section and accessories in person. Planning on taking a trip soon> Check out our TSA Measuring Guide, too.

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