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Whether you're creating your ideal home office work space or outfitting your own business with furniture, you need gear that's going to keep the human body comfortable throughout the day. That's why X-Chair office chairs is designed for more than just people taking a seat: it's made to support users throughout the entire day. An investment in the right kind of seat is truly an investment in spinal health, too. That's why X-Chair focuses on bringing quality comfort to your everyday experience, all with their signature technology.


Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support

No matter where you're working (or doing homework, or powering through a creative passion project), you'll need support. Find it with X-Chair's Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL)® support. Their DVL technology is crafted to adjust as you do, all to give your body the support it needs every time you move. Adjust your position, and X-Chair DVL tech moves with you to conform to your spine. There's no beat where you're left unsupported.

It's not just about lumbar health: to bring you the ultimate in comfort, these comfortable furniture engineers crafted SciFloat Infinite Recline. With SciFloat, users can comfortably recline with the help of completely fluid motion. There's no jarring fall or cranking necessary. Recline comfortably as you float back, and sit up again with the same fluid motion. Whether you're typing away at a 90-degree angle or leaning back with your laptop or tablet on your lap, you'll find yourself unbelievably comfortable. And your spine will thank you for every moment of it.

Chic Office Style

Banish the old broken-down chair from your workspace with some of X-Chair's exciting designs. No two are the same, whether they feature the beautiful high-performance mesh or the brand's plush premium leather. Whether you're relaxing sitting in yours or lying back, these performance materials are part of what X-Chair stakes its name on. Explore different colors and materials for the look that best matches your needs, whether you're outfitting your home workspace with a new piece of furniture or looking for new products for your entire small business (and don't be afraid to mix and match when it comes to colors). Their leather brings the premium feel that evokes high-flying executives' spaces, while the breathable mesh fabric brings flexible, airy comfort. That breathable fabric makes it easy to regulate your body temperature, too. And with that truly tight weave, you'll never find yourself falling backward or sagging—all you'll notice is breathable comfort and spinal support.

You can't make a wrong choice when picking office or home furniture from X-Chair. Order online for quick delivery and have it there soon. But if you feel like you're not quite sure which model is best for you and your needs, the team at Abt is here to help. Call our specialists at 800-860-3577 to learn more about which product is best for supporting your spine. If you'd rather read up on the topic on your own, check out our article on home office essentials in Abt's Learn Center.