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Protect Your Property with Yale Home Security at Abt

Over 180 years ago, Yale Home began as Linus Yale created his first lock in his small shop. More than a century later, the company has evolved their security products with the integration of smart technology to provide only the safest, most durable and high-quality locks for homeowners to protect themselves and their property. The Yale brand aims for customers to enjoy their lives to the fullest by putting their complete trust in their home security products, and feeling secure at all times. Yale Home Security offers a variety of locks to ultimately make everyday life simpler, many able to connect to your Smart Home system for further convenience. Whether it's key-free locks, high-quality classic door hardware or secure storage systems, Yale Home can take care of you with their stylish, yet smart home solutions.

Security You Can Trust

The stress of losing your keys is long gone when you have a Yale Home keypad lock from Abt; they're key-free and can be disarmed with the keypad, Auto-Unlock, voice assistant or the Yale Access app. Auto-Lock can detect when your door is closed and lock it for you, in case you forget as you rush out of the house. On the other hand, when you arrive home with your hands full, Auto-Unlock can open your door for you without having to touch your phone or the lock itself. Yale Home's smart locks work seamlessly with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri; just verbally command your door to lock or unlock for a hands-free experience. The Yale Access app can be opened on any of your smart devices, allowing you to let someone in, lock up, share access and receive notifications no matter where you are. The app is also able to grant others access to your home when you're not there by sharing codes with family and friends. The activity feed on the app can monitor who comes to your door and when, notifying you each time. There are plenty of other ways Yale Home adds an extra layer of security, like biometric verification, two-factor authentication and matte keypads for fingerprint resistance. The perk of investing in a Yale Home keypad lock is that they require no professional installation; they're compatible with most standard U.S. doors and can simply replace your old deadbolt with only a screwdriver. Because the keypads are battery-powered, you never have to worry about losing access to your home in case of a power outage either. Try supporting your keypad lock with one of Abt's surveillance cameras for extra protection.

Yale Home doesn't just stop security at the outside of your home; they also offer indoor smart cabinet locks. Whether you're storing your finest china or hiding medication or harsh cleaning supplies from curious children, Yale Home's smart cabinet locks at Abt have you covered. These locks can be installed on most cabinets and share many of the same features as keypad locks. They have auto-lock technology, key-free access, voice assistant capabilities, and compatibility with the Yale Access App for an activity feed, notifications and custom shared access. All of Yale Home's smart locks can pair with Apple Home systems as well, which not only gives you control over your door and cabinet locks but control over your thermostats, speakers, smart lighting and more. If you're looking to add more smart home devices to your collection, explore our home automation guide. Our team at 800-860-3577 can answer all other questions about Yale's home security products.