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Zoku Quick Pop Maker & Recipes at Abt

Create your favorite flavor popsicles with Zoku popsicle molds!

Zoku Quick Pop Maker & Recipes at Abt

Zoku means family in Japanese and the New Jersey company makes products that bring fun to the everyday lives of families in 30 countries across the world. They are known primarily for their housewares which include innovative drinkware such as vacuum insulated bottles, reusable straws and glasscore bottles. They also make ice and frozen treat molds, food jars and pocket utensils for busy families on the go. One of their most popular products is the Quick Pop Maker.

Innovative Design is at the Heart of Everything Zoku

Whether you're looking to cool off on a blazing hot day or enjoy an ice-cold treat with your family, there's no better way to beat the heat than with tasty frozen treats. Unfortunately, you may have to head to the store or wait for an ice cream truck to stop by. You could also stick your head in the freezer and try to cool down that way, but we don't recommend that. What we do recommend is a Zoku pop maker instead.

These pop makers are good for the environment and allow you to use any ingredients you want, such as juice, yogurt, chocolate smoothies, pudding, or your favorite recipe. Not to mention, popsicle makers will cost you much less money in the long run!

Traditional popsicles come with many downsides, such as a garbage can of wrappers, boxes, and wooden sticks. Most out-of-the-box popsicles are usually filled with artificial flavoring and chemicals. These pop creators are a way to make frozen treats with healthy all-natural products.

The pop makers come in three sizes: Single, Duo, and Triple Pop Maker. The triple pop maker allows you to make up to nine pops at a time before refreezing the unit. In addition, Zoku offers ice pop molds in many shapes for children to enjoy, such as unicorn, flamingo, polar pop, space pop, dino pop, fish pop, character pops and many other styles. All of the molds have a spill-proof lid to prevent the juice from spilling while handling and they are made from BPA-free material, making them safe for babies and young children.

The pop maker considers a sturdy plastic base that allows the popsicle sets to be inserted into the base. These sets are made of non-stick cast aluminum so that the popsicles can be easily removed once frozen. Cleaning the device is easy to manage as well. Simply wash with warm soapy water by hand or dishwasher.

Food and Drink on the Go

Zoku makes great drinkware too so you can enjoy your favorite drinks with Zoku tumbler and bottle accessories which includes a reusable pocket straw that is available in several great colors. The telescopic straw extends up to 9 inches and is made with reusable stainless steel so they're dishwasher safe. Bring them anywhere thanks to the loophole which you can attach to a keyring.

Zoku makes a line of eco-friendly products that include stackable containers and jar sets that make storing leftovers easy and convenient. Their pocket utensil sets mean you never have to use fast food plasticware again. They make a fun utensil set for kids too.

Shop Housewares at Abt

At Abt, we strive to make your life easier with cooking and dining products that are fun, affordable and eco-friendly. In addition to drinkware and food storage products, we carry every imaginable small appliance you can think of such as ice cream makers, juicers, soda makers, toaster ovens, and everything in between. If you have questions about the innovative design of Zoku kitchen products, don't hesitate to contact one of our kitchen appliance experts at 800-860-3577.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I was truly impressed with how quickly my order was filled and sent out. Great prices and fast shipping will have me coming back. Thanks!
Josh W. - Mead, WA
May 19, 2023