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Access Networks: Customized Enterprise-Grade Networks for the Home

As homes fill with more network enabled devices every day, basic home routers struggle to keep them all connected. Access Networks makes sure your home stays online at all times.

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In 2003, Haifai Feiner founded Access Networks after realizing that over-the-counter networking devices couldn’t keep up with the demands of highly connected households. Since then, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and an array of other smart devices have congested our home networks even more. As we’ve come to rely on these incredible tools for everything from entertainment to education, employment to household chores, network downtime is no longer acceptable.

Using enterprise-grade equipment, Abt partners with Access Networks to design customized networks that we both install and maintain. Every solution features a precise design layout to find the ideal position for wireless access points. As a result, your internet will just work, plain and simple. Stop letting dead spots or dropped connections slow you down. Let Access Networks and Abt bring your home into the 21st century.

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