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AURALiC - Sound of Innovation



High-fidelity sound should be accessible to everyone; at least, that's what the experts behind AURALiC believe. The business' founders created the idea for their own brand the night after attending a Berliner Philharmoniker concert. That was the inspiration for the quality products they make: the sound of truly in-depth live music. These engineers of sonic mastertech have created a full suite of products designed to upsample music, transform digital signals to analog and beyond. It's all about hearing the best of your tunes, whether you're streaming from services like TIDAL and Spotify or using a USB drive. You'll hear content just the way it was meant to sound with these machines.

A Completely Upgraded Streaming Platform

If you love playing podcasts, hip hop, rock and jazz via apps, meet one of AURALiC's most popular devices: ARIES. This wireless streaming transporter is designed to play music in high fidelity quality that the true audiophile can sink into. With products like this, it's easy to natively connect to services you already love with AURALiC's own Lightning Streaming platform. The Lightning Streaming ecosystem makes it easy to keep all of your audio in one place. Within is AURALiC's Lightning Server, Lightning DS Control and Lightning Link Connection. With this completely integrated system that allows access to locally stored music as well as streamable subscription services. Make sure you boost the quality of what you hear with powerful speakers like floorstanding ones or even models hidden in the floor or above in the ceiling. That way, you'll truly be surrounded in sound.

The Lightning system is easy to navigate, too. Just connect via AURALiC's app—you'll be able to play music from any of the brand's audio products with just a few taps of your smartphone.

Multi-Room Functionality

This brand's products are made to help your whole home function with multi-room audio. This is perfect for anyone who loves to host gatherings at home, whether you're inviting people over for holiday get-togethers or to watch the big game. You can choose your playlist ahead of time, and play via the Lightning Streaming platform, spin jitter-reduced CDs or via local storage like USB. And with AURALiC multi-room audio, you'll hear it all wherever you go. Even host outdoor gatherings and sync your system up with outdoor speakers. With the music completely powered up and taken care of, you can worry about more important things, like enjoying your party (or just sinking into a calm afternoon with your favorite tunes).

There's a lot to learn about this exciting technology, whether you're searching for Roon-ready products or are looking for some of the highest-quality streaming systems available. You'll find it among AURALiC products here at Abt. Order online for swift delivery to have your products in your hands as soon as possible. But if you'd rather have expert help, our specialists are here to answer any questions. Call our team at {phone] to learn more, or head into the store to see some of our available products in stock.