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Basement Defender

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Many homeowners rely on a sump pump system to keep their basements free from flooding, but what happens when they fail? A big stinking mess that's what. This is why the Basement Defender monitoring system was invented. It monitors the pumping equipment so failures get avoided as well as the floods that would follow a mechanical failure. Homeowners rest easier when they know there is a system in place to protect their basements.

A sump pump can fail for several reasons. A failure could be due to a power outage or it may become overwhelmed by a sudden influx of water. The Basement Defender not only monitors activity but also tests the system daily, tracks temperature and humidity levels, and sends an alert when the battery is low. If you have a finished basement or keep personal mementos in a basement storage space, you need extra protection.

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The Basement Defender tests the main pump and the DC backup and alerts homeowners with updates sent to a mobile app as well as to an email address. Homeowners will never have to worry about the charge on their battery backup because the Basement Defender monitors that as well. The system uses Smart Technology to log run times and other data which provides additional information to troubleshoot problems while also preventing future ones from occurring.

The Benefits of Monitoring

If you use a pumping system to regulate the water levels in your home you know how important they are. When it fails the flooding starts and the damage it causes is not always covered under homeowner insurance policies. This leads to thousands of dollars in damages in many cases. The Basement Defender guards against system failure by testing the pump and monitoring the battery. It sends push notifications, texts, and emails to alert homeowners to issues.

The Basement Defender backup pump system from Abt tests the system daily. It features a 3 amp supercharger and is compatible with most AV sump pump models. The system conveniently mounts directly to the wall or a discharge pipe. It fits into tight crawl spaces too. Network compatibility of 2.4GHz WiFi is required.

Included with the system is a humidity and temperature sensor, mechanical float switch, DC battery backup sump pump, 12 V battery charger, 1.5-inch check valve, and an electronic float switch. The battery charges automatically so you never have to worry about recharging. Use the mobile app to monitor the system as it monitors your sump pump.

The humidity and temperature sensor alerts homeowners to a rise in humidity caused by increased moisture as well as a drop in temperature resulting from frozen pipes. The DC-powered system provides up to eight hours of pumping performance when the primary system fails or is overwhelmed.

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Start protecting your home now with a product that is made right here in the United States. Call one of our Abt specialists today at 800-860-3577 with your questions about this product and read our Sump Pump Buying Guide for more information.

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