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Charles Krypell Jewelry

Creating Generational Jewelry Designs for the Sophisticated Collector Since 1976.

Charles Krypell Jewelry - Sterlling Silver - The Ivy Lace Collection

We proudly offers Charles Krypell Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Belts, to our Chicagoland customers.

It's not surprising that Charles Krypell was a sculptor before he became an internationally renowned jewelry designer. By constantly pushing the boundaries of design, Charles is able to utilize his sculptor's eye, ample artistic talent, and keen insight into human nature to fashion one of the world's premier jewelry lines. With this vision inspiring his work, Charles designs jewelry meant to be enjoyed from multiple approaches and dimensions, just like a sculpture or a piece of art.

A Charles Krypell creation is always a Charles Krypell, linked over time by sensuous design, elegant three-dimensionality and, of course, a deep understanding of human romance and desire. Charles stresses that it's not simply enough to make a sale by having the man bring home a piece of jewelry, offer it to the woman, and allow the woman to simply accept it. Instead, he designs pieces to reach deep inside the human heart. The ultimate for Charles is that women desire his jewelry. "The person who gives the gift," Charles says, "will then be seen as the champion and complete the circle. That's what I try to accomplish, satisfying the moment."

  • Rings

    Charles Krypell Rings
    Express yourself with Charles Krypell Rings that blend alternative metals and one of a kind creations.
  • Earrings

    Charles Krypell Earrings
    Charles Krypell Earrings precisely cater to an individuals lifestyle for any and all levels of sophistication.
  • Necklaces

    Charles Krypell Necklaces
    Charles Krypell Necklaces are effortlessly designed to spectacularly portray opulence and decadence.
  • Bracelets

    Charles Krypell Bracelets
    Charles Krypell Bracelets encourage self-embracement, uniqueness, distinction, and extraordinary vision.
  • Belts

    Charles Krypell Belts
    Charles Kyrpell Signature Belt Collection excudes casual elegance and are built to serve the test of time.

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  • Shipping was quick all the way to California, no damage upon arrival, packaged very well. Too bad you only have one store and it is nowhere near California. Otherwise, I would shop there all the time. Thank you!
    Gabe D. - Visalia, CA
    June 1, 2021