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Dylan's Candy Bar at Abt

Find sweets and gifts for any occasion!

Dylans's Candy Bar at Abt

By merging the worlds of art, fashion, & pop culture with candy, Dylan's Candy Bar has innovated the way we consume candy. With a mission to awaken the creative spirit and inner child within everyone, Dylan's Candy Bar surrounds customers with the most imaginative, vibrant decor and product mixes. The whimsical displays highlight the vivid colors, textures, eye-popping graphics, creative packaging, gorgeous patterns with the distinctive shapes of candy. In addition to the 7,000 edible treats, there are also candy-inspired lifestyle products.

Take a journey into a shop unlike any other with the pop art installations: such as the iconic oversized lollipop tree, candy cane columns, dripping chocolate shelves, & kaleidoscopic candy wallpaper. An ultra-sensory experience which is enhanced with delectable smells, that rewards customers with not just a sugar high, but a sweet lasting euphoria.

Dylan's Candy Bar locations have become the most popular destination for the ultimate sugar rush. Since the birth of the original flagship in New York City, Dylan's Candy Bar has opened in cosmopolitan U.S. locations such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and now at Abt! Stop by our store in Glenview, IL, to see our full selection of sweets, or shop our online Dylan's Candy Bar Gift Baskets, that are perfect for every occasion.

Dylan's Candy Bar in Glenview