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EchoMaster Car Electronics at Abt

Aftermarket Vehicle Safety Products for Consumer and Commercial Drivers

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Echomaster: Next-Gen Safety for the Modern Driver

Whether you're freelance working for a delivery company nearby or run your own fleet of vehicles, you know that there's always a risk involved in commercial driving—especially when piloting large vans or trucks. It can be difficult to see out the back window in extra-large vehicles and it can be even harder to do so in dark conditions. That's why the experts at Echomaster invested in solving this permanent problem for fleet owners and drivers.

Echomaster car electronics are created with safety as the first priority, and these specialists have developed a catalog full of cameras to keep the driver in control of the vehicle from every angle. You'll see what's going on behind you thanks to rear-view mirror monitors and mobile rear-view cameras. That means easier parallel parking, quicker stopping, and peace of mind. No matter what, you'll be able to know what's coming at you from behind—whether it's a child chasing after a tennis ball or another vehicle.

Night Vision Cameras

When it comes to purchasing trucks or vans for fleets, premium features might not be your first priority. Instead, you might choose to focus on models that get the most miles to the gallon or that have the highest carrying capacity. But a backup camera from Echomaster changes your utilitarian vehicle into a machine that can do it all—even in darkness. These night vision scopes are often equipped with bright LED bulbs, with some versions built right into your shining red brake lights.

Rainy days, cloudy afternoons, and even pitch black nights can't stop these cameras. You'll have a clear view of everything going on behind you, all without craning your neck, clearing things away from your rear window, or needing someone else to get out of the car and coordinate your parking job with directions and hand signals. Each of these devices helps you and your fleet to save time when parking and maneuvering—and time is money.

Mirror Monitors & Other Sensors

No screen built into the front of your vehicle? No problem. Instead, connect your camera to one of Echomaster's mirror monitors. These monitors replace your rear-view mirror, acting as both a classic mirror (complete with adjustable frame) and a display. For a boost in function, opt for a model with adjustable parking lines. These virtual lines display on the screen, showing you how close you are to objects behind you. You'll finally be able to get that perfect parking spot, whether you're on a busy city street or ending your day among a packed garage of other trucks and vans.

Meet Our Installation Team

While you can purchase Echomaster products and install them yourself, our Mobile Installation team specializes in custom car modification. And with MECP-certified technicians handling your property, you can be sure that your vehicle will be in good hands. Stick with a new backup camera or mirror, or go wild with customizations and new car custom audio fixtures. Feel the thump of every beat as it lands and sing along to your favorite tunes as you drive. And when it's time to park back at home base, you'll have a clear view of the space behind you for a safe and secure driving experience.