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Surround Sound Has Never Been Easier

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Enclave Audio: Home Theater Surround Sound, Done Simply

When it comes to home theater and surround sound systems, it can seem like movie-lovers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the economical end of the spectrum is the soundbar—a low-cost and space-saving speaker that fires audio directly at the watcher in many circumstances (and that some film professionals decry for lacking high quality). On the other end is the classic home theater system, with more subwoofers and speakers than you can count. These provide a movie theater experience but costs can add up quickly and installation can be difficult. Enclave's 5.1 home theater system was designed to hurdle over that roadblock without breaking stride.

Enclave emerged on the market in 2014 with a desire to balance the spectrum. Instead of compromising on a single speaker or blowing thousands of dollars on a home theater system, users can explore this 5.1 speaker setup. And with wireless connections on nearly every component, their CineHome system is easy to install and adjust: it takes about ten minutes to arrange once it's out of the box. That quick installation time is something you'll be hard-pressed to find from other multi-speaker arrangements and even from soundbars.

Surround Sound Done Smart

Surround sound is a buzzword that many developers have grabbed on to in recent years, claiming that they can create a digital version of the popular system. This “digital” version is formed by turning your living room or basement into a kind of echo chamber. Sonic data is fired at walls and corners, then reflects to hit the listener from different directions. But unlike classic surround arrangements, soundbars aren't customizable. There's no way to move one of the speakers back or another a little to the left to create that perfect listening zone found in movie theaters. Instead, you're at the mercy of a single device.

Meanwhile, Enclave's 5.1 system is fully customizable. Each setup comes with a subwoofer as well as two front, two back, and one center speaker. And since they're all disconnected, you can shift things around whenever you like. Moving the couch to the other side of the room? Or maybe you're upgrading with a much bigger TV mounted to the wall. Whatever way your entertainment space changes, shifting your Enclave is easy. Tug each speaker into place, then test out the audio with one of your favorite films or tunes. Keep shifting until you can hear everything perfectly. For more help on audio gear arrangement, check out the audio section in our Home Theater Buying Guide.

Create Your Own Entertainment Haven

Enclave's audio washes over you to create that inimitable surround sound you just can't get from a singular device. But entertainment isn't just about audio—for a true experience, you'll want to create an environment that pulls you away from your own space and into the film, TV show, or video game. Outfit your space with a 4K or 8K TV for the best in visual technology (complete with AI upscaling, deep color saturation and unbeatable definition). Finally, don't forget comfortable seating—think plush couches or even full-body massage chairs. The options are endless, but good audio quality is a necessity. For personalized help from our sonic and film experts, give us a call at 800-860-3577.

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