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Incipio Phone Cases at Abt

Award Winning Cases for iPhone & Samsung

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Incipio: Trusted Cell Phone Protection

Your smartphone does everything for you: sending texts or emails, waking you up in the morning, and providing endless hours of entertainment. Give your phone the protection it deserves with Incipio phone cases. Incipio creates stylish phone cases that offer award-winning protection for Apple iPhones and Samsung smartphones. They offer compatible cases for multiple generations of phones including the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or the Samsung Galaxy S20. Incipio also works with iconic fashion brands like Coach and Kate Spade New York to create chic and stylish cases to match your favorite handbag or express your personal style. Incipio cases are also available in see-through models so you can still show off your phone's sleek design if you want—perfect for the new colorful iPhone models.

Meet the Incipio Lineup

Incipio phone cases come in several different models with their own unique benefits. The Incipio Slim features a minimalistic design and low profile that still offers incredible 14-foot drop protection. These cases are designed to easily slide into the pocket of your jeans or an inner pocket in your purse and have a raised-edge bezel to protect your screen from shattering in case of drops. They also offer antimicrobial protection, which is especially important as our phones harbor more germs than we realize. As the name suggests, Incipio Duo phone cases feature dual-layer technology to offer superior protection without added bulk. Duo cases offer 12-foot drop protection and antimicrobial technology. There's also the DualPro line, which also features two layers of protection. The outer layer is a scratch-resistant hardshell and the inner layer offers shock absorption with a raised bezel to protect your screen in case of drops. Even if you do drop your phone, DualPro cases provide 10 feet of drop protection. These cases are also compatible with wireless chargers for unmatched convenience. The Grip line is perfect for those whose phones are always in their hands. These phone cases have multidirectional grip enhancers to provide secure holding. With drop protection up to 14 feet and a raised bezel, your phone will be protected from even the hardest falls. Incipio is able to offer this reliable protection thanks to their Impact Structs Technology that takes inspiration from protection technology in the sports and automotive industries.

For environmentally-conscious customers, the Organicore line is the perfect option. These phone cases are 100% compostable so once you upgrade your phone, you can discard your phone case without guilt. They're made of plant-based materials and offer 8-foot drop protection so you don't have to sacrifice protection while looking out for the planet. Additionally, one tree is planted for every Organicore phone case sold so you can truly feel good about your purchase. No matter which option you choose, Incipio cases are designed to offer unbeatable protection without sacrificing style. In addition to phone protection, Incipio also offers smart lighting for your home. For consumers on the cutting edge, Incipio products are a must-have. Discover our unbeatable collection of smartphone accessories from Incipio at Abt.