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JBL Audio at Abt

JBL Audio Equipment

Ready to turn up the volume on your heavy metal playlists and cinema soundtracks? Leave one-dimensional noise behind with JBL audio equipment from Abt. While their history begins over 75 years ago with speaker drivers for radio sets, these inventive engineers manage to pilot new innovations even now. They're well known for extended battery life in theit portable speakers, budget-friendly headphones and high-volume soundbar. Wherever you find yourself needing a boost, the next-gen gear at JBL is ready (and often portable). Find products for yourself or gifts for loved ones here at Abt.

Should I Choose Wireless or Wired Headphones?

JBL Audio equipment doesn't all look the same, even within a single category. Anyone who has shopped for headphones within the last ten years knows that the days of taking bulky earmuffs and long wires to the gym are gone. Now there are all kinds of options to fit your listening style. Whether you need sonic music-makers for studying, gaming, cardio workouts or true hi-fi listening, you'll find sleek designs that fit your budget. Fitness fanatics should of course invest in a pair of wireless headphones to stay in the zone (but out of the wires). Upgrade to a waterproof model if long lifting sessions leave you sweating. Choose between soft-tip models and classic earbuds for a fit that's most comfortable for you.

Hoping for a more immersive music experience? Then opt for the classic on-ear designe from JBL audio instead. You'll find boosted bass, balanced acoustics and battery life that will keep you listening long after smaller buds stop for a recharge. Influencers, MMORPG lovers and podcasters might prefer a model optimized for long-term wear. These video game headsets are designed with a separate microphone and adjustable comfort in mind. That way, you'll be able to speak to audiences, contact friends and detect even the smallest of sounds with accuracy.

Soundbars & Speakers

Headphones aren't even the half of it for movable music. Pick up one of their popular portable speakers in exciting colors like teal, red, pink and white. A modern boombox, these portable speakers come at every price point and size. Some models are perfect for tossing into a backpack and heading to school, others are modernized for tailgates while more still are designed for eardrum-shattering parties.

JBL audio hardware is optimized for home listening, too. Pair your newest OLED or 4K TV with a powerful volume-driving soundbar and subwoofer. You'll hear every word of dialogue, sound effect and sweeping orchestral suite in all of its glory. Looking for more? Boost the number of channels (directions) that your device fires in for an immersive experience—just like going to the movie theater. Alternatively, create a fully realized sound system perfect for high fidelity listening with help from individual center channel, bookshelf, standing and smart models.

Having A Hard Time Finding What's Right?

If you're struggling to pick between earbuds or choosing between gaming headsets, you don't have to navigate the waters of technology alone. Come to the experts instead. Our sonic specialists have been helping people build their dream sound systems for decades. Come into the store to see what JBL audio gear we've got in stock or give us a call at 800-860-3577. Hoping to do some research from home? Check out our Audio Buying Guides to learn more about the newest tech features you can find on the market.

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