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Lynx Grills: The Inspired Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking has come a very long way since humans first started cooking over a flame. And while the classic grill may be associated with cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and fun-filled July Fourth celebrations, grilling technology itself has been in sore need of a fresher look and new technology. Welcome Lynx grills and their suite of outdoor kitchen gear to the modern backyard.

These barbecue entrepreneurs have been striving for a more perfect grill since 1996, when they first committed themselves to outdoor cooking. In the 90s, outdoor cooking meant searing anything you could on a freestanding barbecue. But trends quickly shifted towards the completely customized outdoor kitchen, including stone islands, weather-resistant cookers, and appliances like outdoor refrigerators and ice makers. To meet that high demand, the engineers behind Lynx grills saw beyond the trend, working to craft backyard kitchens to meet every client's individual needs. They've since set the new standard for shining appliance design and backyard cooker quality. Grab a pencil and notepad and start brainstorming; it's time to create your own backyard oasis with help from Lynx Grills.

Lynx Professional Grills
Lynx Professional Grills
Lynx Professional Grills
Lynx Professional Grills

Your Signature Recipes, Grilled to Perfection

Before the team that would become Lynx made grills, they specialized in commercial-quality stainless steel equipment for restaurants. Today, the brand brings the same expert craftsmanship you'd expect to see in a professional kitchen to your own backyard. These stainless steel barbecues are made to last, whether they're installed in a complete outdoor kitchen or freestanding on the patio.

Choose from liquid propane, charcoal, or natural gas-fueled models, and make sure you pick one that's the right size for your lifestyle. A large family of meat-eaters might need a grill with at least 1,000 square inches of cooking space, while an apartment-dwelling couple would do just fine with a skinny two-burner version. Consider how often you cook outside and host grill-worthy gatherings before exploring the catalog of Lynx grills.
Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen - Cook More Outside with Lynx Grills

Beyond the Barbecue: Pizza Ovens & Flat Top Griddles

When it comes to mealtime madness, it's easy to fall into the pattern of grilling the same food over and over again. That's why the engineers at Lynx create equipment for the entire outdoor kitchen. Outfit yours with gourmet cooking devices like pizza ovens, flat top grills and griddles for an exciting change of pace.

With these extra devices built into your backyard kitchen, it'll be easier than ever to go from prepped ingredients to finished dinner in no time. For a family-style meal everyone can enjoy, invite teens behind the counter to put their own personalized spin on their food. Make individual pizzas complete with everyone's favorite toppings, then sear at a blazing 700°F for a Napoleon-style crust. On the griddle, let kids borrow the apron and spatula to pour their own fun-shaped pancakes (if they're younger, have them decorate food with chocolate chips and berries instead of cooking—keeping little hands away from hot surfaces is the first priority.) Food always tastes the best when you've played a part in making it, especially if it's cooked on a Lynx BBQ.

A Complete Kitchen, Outside

No backyard cooking space is complete without a grill—it's the beating heart of any outdoor kitchen. That being said, no cooking space was ever finished with only a grill (even if it's a professional-grade one from Lynx). This spot in your yard deserves everything you'd find in your home's kitchen, and that's why these engineers make everything you'd need in an alfresco cooking space—including weather-worthy sinks and outdoor heaters. Make sure your dream backyard is equipped with everything you need to make the most of your summer with creative ideas and restaurant-level gear from Lynx Grills.