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Mondaine: Refined Style Sourced Sustainably

A timepiece should be about more than just style. Pairing a watch with accessories or the evening's outerwear is exciting, and it's the end goal of any well-crafted wristwear. But how these products are made can be just as important. That's why the crafters at Mondaine keep every aspect of their environmental impact in mind, from solar-powered factories to carbon neutrality (an achievement they reached back in 2020). While others are racing to catch up, these innovators are charging forward.

Quality at Hand

The experts at Mondaine have been creating watches since their family first began the business in 1951. Nearly 70 years later, they carry on the tradition of fine craftsmanship for customers across the globe. Each Mondaine watch is handmade in Biberist, Switzerland, and measured to perfection down to the last millimeter. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something to wear every day, you'll know that you're getting much more than just an accessory inside every box. Call it an investment or a piece to pass down to your children, but these clocks will be ticking for years to come.

Punctuality at Top of Mind

In 1986, the Bernheim family and their team created the iconic piece designed after the Official Swiss Railway Clock found in train stations across the country. Easy-to-read and elegant, the face of the large-handed clock was soon a Mondaine watch collection (with special licensing from the Federal Swiss Railways). The design has persevered to the present day, with men's and women's varieties all patterned after Swiss punctuality.

In 2013, the stop2go Mondaine watch collection took the concept of punctuality to its ultimatum with a design that would leave many scratching their heads initially—a two-second pause that the Swiss railway is famous for. Just like at the train station, this accessory features a seconds hand that completes its rotation in just 58 seconds, then waits at 12 o'clock for the black minute had to move before moving on itself. This system ensures that trains leave on the minute exactly, and provides the same precision to clients.

Sustainability at Heart

In recent years, these experts in time have broadened their view to look beyond the present moment. Instead, they're looking to the near- and long-term future with investments in a sustainable tomorrow. Since 2017, that core value has resulted in Mondaine watches made from reusable materials, repurposed PET water bottles, vegan-friendly straps and more.

But their truest achievement has been something you won't find on the product itself. Take a look at their headquarters instead and you'll find a roof not unlike Abt's: covered in solar panels. Their photovoltaic solar array produces around 80% of the electricity needed to operate. In 2020, Mondaine reached a milestone that few have been able to hurdle: carbon neutrality. A partnership with Fairventures Worldwide has allowed the watchmakers to offset carbon emissions thanks to tree-planting and reforesting.

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Not sure which model is best for your personal style? Having a hard time picking out a gift for someone special? For help finding the Swiss timepiece you're looking for, visit the Time Boutique at Abt. Our specialists have years of experience pinpointing size, shape and style, and are ready to help. Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. Alternatively, come in armed with knowledge and check out our Watch Buying Guide ahead of time.

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