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Teac Turntables at Abt

A wireless turntable for new way of enjoying vinyl records

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Teac Home Audio: Wireless Turntables

Nothing beats the way music sounds on vinyl records. This vintage music medium is experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to its enhanced audio quality and instant cool factor. The act of taking a record out of its sleeve and placing it on a record player is an experience that can't be replicated. Keep up with the biggest trend in home audio with devices from Teac. Listening to music on vinyl improves the sound quality because there is no compression as is necessary when listening to music digitally. Teac home audio products are designed to reduce vibration and tackle other audio issues found in older devices so you can enjoy your favorite albums the way they were meant to be heard. Teac has a reputation for creating products that look and operate with luxury at the forefront, making them a trusted partner of musicians and music lovers alike. They aim to deliver the best possible listening experience to bring joy to music lovers worldwide. Experience the height of Japanese engineering with Teac turntables.

Classic and modern technologies collide in Teac turntables. Turntables are the cornerstone of a classic home audio setup as they function as both a decorative piece and functional audio equipment. Plus, you can display your record collection nearby to impress your friends. While they look like an audio player from decades past, their integrated Bluetooth technology makes these turntables incredibly easy to use. The Bluetooth transmitter allows sound to be delivered wirelessly to these turntables. If you want to maintain that old-school feel, Teac turntables also feature line and phono outputs for proper connectivity. With simple dial controls, you don't need to be a vinyl expert to get started. Preserve your beloved vintage albums with Teac's signature anti-skate technology that provides accurate tracking. They manufacture their products with aesthetics in mind with classic black or walnut finishes to compliment the rest of your home audio equipment. These design touches aren't just for aesthetics, though. Teac designs their turntables to improve sound quality by reducing resonance or vibration while in operation.

It's important to have the proper setup to get the most out of your Teac home audio devices. Turntables aren't designed to powerfully project sound on their own so you need to pair them with the appropriate equipment. For the most enjoyable listening experience, be sure to choose an amplifier from our extensive selection. However, there are certain turntable models that feature a built-in Phono pre-amplifier to improve sound projection. Their aforementioned Bluetooth connectivity is another easy way to powerfully project sound as you can connect your device to any Bluetooth-enabled speakers. Models with the built-in preamplifier can connect to your speakers without the addition of a separate amplifier. Proper care will ensure that Teac turntables have a long product life so you can enjoy your elevated listening experience for years to come. If you don't know how to care for your new device, take a look at our handy guide to caring for record players. If you'd like to know more about Teac products or get a product recommendation, call our audio experts at 800-860-3577.

What Our Customers Say About Us

My experience with ABT was great! You were the only place that I contacted that had the range in stock. It was delivered a week before the expected date.
Darryl W. - Saint Clair Shores, MI
May 15, 2023