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TUMI Luggage: Refined Business & Travel Essentials

Upgrade the way you travel with TUMI backpacks, totes, luggage, and small accessories.

TUMI Alpha Collection Luggage
TUMI  Alpha Collection Luggage Video TUMI  Alpha Collection Luggage Video
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TUMI Alpha Collection Luggage
1 year ago

TUMI: Elevated Elegance

Travel, business, everyday wear—TUMI believes that each moment should be founded on craftsmanship, durability and resilience. It's built into every stitch in their product lineup, from rolling luggage to sturdy backpacks to stylish wallets and beyond. With decades of experience creating high-quality and sustainable products, the experts at TUMI continue to innovate with every new craft. Exclusive materials ensure protection and style no matter where you're going, from the office to the coffee shop to the other side of the world. Explore your world seamlessly with products from Abt.

Design & Quality

Whether you travel for business or need a reliable backpack to carry your things every day, there's no doubt you've heard of TUMI. The brand's reputation is one of quality, and you can see it at every angle. All their products are put through rigorous testing—like the Tumble Test, where bags are tossed 125 times. And the Zipper Tensile Test, ensuring that zippers on backpacks, duffel bags and other luggage won't tear. All of these trials ensure that whatever product you fall in love with, it's sure to last.

The brand's revolutionary designs use the latest materials and technologies to stop problems before they start, making every trip easier than the last. Their X-Brace handle system makes it easy to pull even large rolling luggage alongside you, while tested ballistic nylon stretches from one side to the next for extra durability. And in-line rolling wheels are designed to move for mile after mile. These industry-advancing designs make it easier than ever to pull that bag alongside you and glide it along its wheels. Your bag can be tossed and pushed before it's loaded onto the flight, and the ballistic nylon won't budge. It's just one reason why those who know choose TUMI.

Choose Sustainability

When you choose a TUMI backpack, tote bags or luggage, you're opting for a product that will last as long as possible. That's the definition of durability. But the engineers behind the brand are working toward sustainability, too, all to ensure that travelers of the future continue to enjoy our planet. That's why they continue to push forward with recycled materials crafted from post-consumer water bottles. Find PET fabric in zipper tape, webbing, binding and interior lining, all for a product that's both stronger and greener. And with a focus on reducing carbon emissions by 15% and transitioning to renewable energy by 2025, TUMI is shifting their eyes toward the horizon all while caring for the people and products of today.

Shop sustainability, explore the highest-quality design, and trust TUMI to travel alongside you every step of the way. Explore Abt's collection online today or head into our TUMI boutique today to see these fashions in person.

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