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Weber Grills: On the Deck, At the Game, On the Go

Whether you're a BBQ grill master who's honed the technique of perfecting sear marks on steaks or just now venturing into the world of grilling, one thing is certain. Any spatula-wielding chef will tell you that you're only as good as your grill. And Weber grills are synonymous with high-tech professional and consumer BBQs, with models designed for any (and every) kind of backyard barbecue.

Weber Grills have a product line that includes charcoal smokers, liquid-propane models, and portable versions, along with new smart technologies and accessories. With a history that reaches back to 1952, Weber grills have been a linchpin in the American backyard for decades.

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Weber Grills History

George Stephen, the founder of Weber Grills, created the first kettle grill with a rounded cooking bowl and a lid. A worker at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, he was unsatisfied with the traditional open-brazier BBQ commonly found in post-WWII America, and he found himself looking for new ways to find flavor. Inspired by the spherical shape of buoys at the metal company, he put pencil to paper and started designing. He sliced the buoy in half, added a lid, and created the idea for covered cooking with what would become Weber grills. Since then, countless hamburgers, T-bone steaks, veggie kebobs, and hot dogs have owed their smoky flavor profile to this innovator. And while the classic kettle grill will always be Weber's most iconic product, they've since branched out from their early days of buoy-slicing. The global company is based in Palatine, IL, and creates nearly all of its gas, electric, charcoal, and smoker devices right here in the U.S.

Modern Innovation

While some things in cooking never change, the grillmasters at Weber have been bringing groundbreaking technology to the backyard BBQ ever since their first invention. And with modern techniques like wood pellet smoking gaining traction, the backyard chef might be left scratching their head. In what world do technology and grilling intermingle? New innovations don't need to be earth shattering. In fact, they can look as simple as the one-touch cleaning system on several of Weber's charcoal grills. This ash sweeper helps to remove any remaining ash at the bottom of the charcoal grill once dinner is finished. Meanwhile, more complex units incorporate smart technologies, like the Genesis II. This model is built with flavorizer bars that give off that irresistible smoky flavor, and designed with iGrill 3 compatibility in mind. The iGrill is Weber's newest smart technology, with a heat-resistant thermometer that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Designed for precision grilling and long-smoking meats, the iGrill communicates with your smartphone to tell you when your foods have hit that perfect temperature. You don't need to spend the afternoon in front of the grill anymore (unless you want to).

Take Weber Grills Wherever You Go

Whether you're searing steaks with help from your smartphone or you're just using your spatula as your sous chef, make sure you pick out the right model for your home. While the classic kettle smoker is the iconic American backyard cooker, maybe you're searching for an upgrade. Passionate grillers who want to upgrade to an outdoor kitchen should consider a natural gas grill or built-in model. The extra counter space and outdoor appliances will help you to keep all your prep work outside and organized. Finish off your new outdoor kitchen with patio furniture and an outdoor TV to complete your dream yard.

Maybe you're low on space, grill on a balcony, or take your grilling on-the-go to tailgates or campouts. Whatever your space constraints, Weber portable grills can bring all of that smoky flavor to small square footage. Fueled by liquid propane or electricity, these mini-BBQs are made for easy storage. Fold-out wings can hold seasonings and utensils, while colorful lids allow you to pick the grill that speaks to your personality. Once all burgers are cooked and sausages are smoked, fold everything away before you pack up for the big game, the big hike, or the big screen indoors.


Whether you're a vegetarian grill master or a religious meat smoker, Weber grills are made to give foods that smoky flavor you can't get from your indoor range. And if you're familiar with their classic kettle grills, their newer products and smart technologies can take your grilling game to the next level. If you're not sure where to start looking for your next cooker, check out our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide. Here, our experts break down all the popular kinds of BBQs, exploring the benefits and disadvantages of different models.

For further assistane, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 800-860-3577 or swing by the store to see the newest models. Our specialists are here to help make the process of finding the perfect cooker for your backyard, as easy as possible. In addition, Weber products come with a manufacturer warranty of at least one year and we'll continue to service your product throughout its lifetime.

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