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WireLogic HDMI Cables at Abt

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WireLogic HDMI Cables: Making Connections

Tangled-up wires and knotted cords are hard to hide behind bookshelves and entertainment centers. Instead of spending hours organizing yours with labels and rubber bands, eliminate unnecessary wires entirely with help from one high-quality alternative. WireLogic HDMI cables are the premium modern connection cable and translate both sound and video to any screen via one single tether. Unlike a poor imitation, the high-quality materials found in these products help to decrease the risk of breakage or distortion. When you plug yours in, there'll be no wrestling with your TV ports or struggling to plug things in. With just one touch, you're simply connected.


So, why should users replace aging connections like RCA and coaxial cords with WireLogic HDMI cables in the first place? It's a one-word answer: quality. High definition video and audio needs to be transmitted using modern methods, and RCA (those three red, yellow, and white cords that connected to your ancient VHS player) versions weren't cutting it anymore. Keep in mind that you shouldn't necessarily throw out all those old wires—after all, those ancient gaming consoles still work perfectly fine and can play some old classics.

Instead of fuzzy connections and unbalanced audio, the modern High Definition Multimedia Interface connection transfers optimized data from one device to another. And while the technology has been around for over ten years now, it can be hard to comprehend just how much data these singular devices can process at once. In fact, one modern sound system connection can manage what would have previously required six individual analog audio cords. In that compression, little data is lost—as long as you've got a low-loss device.

The WireLogic Difference

WireLogic HDMI cables manage to do the heavy-lifting, balancing low-loss audio transfer and a price within anyone's budget. That's all thanks to the high-quality construction inside. Their sapphire version is well known for its coppery sheen, but that's not just for appearances. Oxygen-free high thermal copper is wired to minimize strand-interaction—a side effect of too much insulation. Strand-interaction is by far the most common cause of distortion in electronic cords. By removing the problem altogether, these engineers have helped to pave the way for sharp-looking and clear-sounding audio. And with a low price tag compared to home-theater versions, the oxygen-free copper version is the clear winner.

Not Sure Which One Is For You?

If you're having a hard time finding the WireLogic HDMI cable that's right for your home entertainment (whether that's watching high-def sports or listening to new albums in surround sound), check out our HDMI Cables Buying Guide. In the guide, our in-house experts break down everything that makes these electronic wires special, and how they're all different from each other (even if they don't look like it). For more personalized help and information, give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to talk with us in person. We'll be able to find a solution that fits your entertainment needs.