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Car Subwoofers & Enclosures

No car audio system is complete without a dedicated subwoofer to pound out the low-end. And you don't have to be a bass-head to reap the benefits of a quality sub. Adding a car subwoofer to your system lets your speakers focus on mid and high-range tones, while the sub rounds out the low frequencies. As a result, all of your music will sound better, regardless of the style or your listening volume.

Since most cars don't come equipped with dedicated subwoofers, you'll usually need to find a place to fit them when you upgrade. A common solution is a subwoofer box, also called an enclosure. These boxes are designed to easily accept a subwoofer and are fitted with special vents which make the low frequencies sound their best. A more elegant solution is a vehicle-specific enclosure, or even a complete one-off fabrication to house your new subwoofer. For info on custom car audio installations, please call our design pros at 847-544-2281.