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On Camera LED Lights & Accessories

Brighten Your Day

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  • Super Slim Rechargeable Light Will Help Get Awesome Pictures And Video/ The Super Slim Design Is About One Half The Size Of Other Lights With This Type Of Output/ 120 High Brightness LED Lights/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping
  • Super Bright LED Technology/ Works With Any Standard Hot Shoe/ Diffusion Rings To Warm Or Cool The Color Temperature/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping
  • 160 Super Bright Daylight LEDs/ 10 Watts/ 1200 Lumens/ 60 Degrees Angle Of Illumination/ Mount To Any Standard Flash Shoe Or Stand/ 6 1.5V AA Batteries Not Included/ Grey Finish
    Free Shipping
  • Continuous Lighting/ 3200k - 5600k Color Temperature/ 90+ CRI/ Bi-Color Light/ Integrated Barn Doors/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping
  • Holds Up To 3 Accessories/ Attaches Onto Your Camera's Hot Shoe/ Easily Position Your Accessories Within Reach/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping when you spend $35
  • 800, 450, 100 Lumen Settings/ 5700k Daylight Temperature/ Waterproof Up To 60 Feet/ Flicker Free, Smooth Light Pattern (Daylight Temperature)/ Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery/ Intelligent Thermal Management/ Simple One-Touch Button Operation/ No Center Hot Spot/ Aluminum Body Construction/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping
  • Most Powerful LED Light In A Portable Size/ Use It On-Camera Or Off-Camera While Drawing Power From An AC Cord Or Batteries/ Large, Digital Display/ Touch Control Panel/ Barn Doors Direct The Light Where You Need It/ Adjust The Light's Color Temperature/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping
  • Consists Of Two Light On Flexible Arms/ Designed For Close-Up Shooting/ Easily Mounts To The Camera Accessory Shoe/ Uses 2 CR2025 Batteries/ Each Light Operates Independently/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping when you spend $35
  • Holds Up To 3 Accessories/ Attaches Onto Your Camera's Hot Shoe/ Easily Position Your Accessories Within Reach/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping when you spend $35
  • 1200 Lumen Output/ 95 CRI/ 70 Degree Beam Angle/ Adjustable Color Temperature 3000K - 6000K/ 45 Minute Run Time At Max Output, 10+ Hours On Low Output/ 2 Industry Standard 1/4 20 Mounts/ Waterproof Up To 90 Feet/ MIL-SPEC 810 Tested/ Bluetooth Control/ OLED Display/ 0-100 Percent Fully Dimmable/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping
  • Set Includes 3 Filter Frames To Fit On The LitraPro, 1 Each Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Color Filters, 1 White Diffuser Filter
    Free Shipping when you spend $35
  • Barn Doors For Litra Pro Bi-Color LED Light/ Lightweight Sturdy Metal Doors/ Direct Light Output And Limit Spill Light/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping
  • Collapsible Design Snaps Onto The Pro Light/ Reflective Silver Interior Creates Soft And Evenly Reflected Light/ Includes Carry Bag/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping
  • Shape The Intensity Of The Light Output/ Includes 2 Snap-On Honeycomb Frame Sets/ Black Finish
    Free Shipping when you spend $35
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Brightness and energy efficiency are what draw most photographers to use on-camera LED lights. For one, LED lights draw less power when in use therefore allowing you to take more photos before the battery in your camera is drained. Second, they hold more power than flashes on traditional cameras, also known for distorting photos because of how close the lens is to the camera itself. Some additional benefits to an LED on-camera flash is they can easily be transitioned into external light sources. A stand is all that is required to use it like a studio light. Not to mention, continuous light settings allow you to maintain the correct coloring throughout an entire shoot. On-camera LED flashes will quickly become quintessential pieces to any photography equipment. Shop our selection of on-camera LED lights and on-camera accessories below.