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Camcorder Accessories

It's easier than ever to shoot high-quality video, thanks to today's advanced camcorders and digital cameras with HD video recording capability. To get the most out of these devices, there are a variety of camcorder accessories that will make filming easier and more enjoyable. Choosing the right video camera accessory can help overcome limiting environmental factors like darkness and faraway objects. Video lights brighten up dimly lit areas for low-light shooting, while a video camera mount such as a tripod or monopod will keep your camera steady when filming with a telephoto lens. For the frequent filmer, extra memory cards and camcorder batteries will keep you recording without interruptions.

Abt's selection of camcorder accessories includes the best products from top brands like Sony, Canon and Panasonic. For assistance with choosing the right camera bag, video light, camcorder microphone or more, simply contact one of our camera sales specialists on the phone, online or in store.

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While digital camcorders get smaller and smaller, many of the associated camcorder accessories also shrink in size. A smaller video camera means smaller and more lightweight camcorder batteries. Advancing lighting technologies like LED lights have led to smaller video lights that are brighter than their predecessors. And instead of bulky tapes, you can now record hours of HD video on digital memory cards. Reduced size and weight across all of these camcorder accessories adds up to a complete video camera setup that is still lightweight, meaning your video camera mount can be less robust, and therefore also lighter. And these small devices can all fit in smaller camcorder bags. As a result, today it's possible to carry a Full HD camera and every video camera accessory needed to film professional video, all in a bag you won't mind carrying around all day.