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Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Speakers: Bluetooth, Wireless, Wired, and Landscape

Want to add music to your back yard, patio or pool? An Outdoor Speaker might be just what you need. Outdoor Speakers are designed to handle all types of weather extremes, in order to deliver quality sound. Many of these speakers are weatherproof, meaning they can withstand direct contact from rain, sun, and the cold, while other speakers are only weather-resistant, meaning some kind of protection is required. Abt's variety of outdoor speakers includes both wireless and Bluetooth compatibility, which eliminates the cluster of cables.

We carry speakers of different sizes and maximum volumes, so whether you are adding casual sounds to a cozy deck or booming tunes to fill an entire yard, there is an ideal product for your outdoor media needs. Get simple environmental speakers that can blend into a wall or awning, or wow your guests with sleek, stylish speakers that can make a statement, even outdoors. We also carry surround sound systems for a complex listening experience, where some speakers are even disguised as rocks to blend right into your landscaping. So bring a great listening experience to your yard with durable speakers from luxury brands like Klipsch, Sonance, Polk Audio, and more.


One of the most complex issues many first-time shoppers face in their hunt for outdoor speakers is understanding electronics "lingo". Audio offers its own set of complicated details beyond any other appliances like ovens or TVs. Using a simple guide can help you understand what you need, what you should look for, and what all those detailed specifications actually mean for your everyday listening experience. We want you to be the best and smartest shopper you can be so that you are truly happy with your purchase.

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    Here is our short guide to outdoor speaker basics:

  • Frequency Response – This refers to the frequency range that speakers can output, measured in Hertz. Humans can hear within the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, so the best speakers will have a frequency range that closely resembles what you can hear.
  • Sensitivity – This means more than just how responsive speakers are. Simply, it refers to how much volume a speaker can produce per watt of electricity used to power the speakers. The higher the sensitivity is, the better. This means that the speakers are efficient and will not drive up your power costs.
  • Impedance – This refers to how much resistance an amplifier will face when communicating with a speaker. 8-ohm impedance is a common standard. If you are setting up an outdoor system, especially in landscape speakers that tend to be positioned far apart, you'll need to make sure the impedance of all speakers match.
  • Handling – This feature, measured in watts, refers to the maximum audio signal a speaker can intake. The best-rated outdoor speakers will often have a high power handling level so they can relay loud, full sound to the listener without becoming damaged during use.

These are just some of the factors to consider when shopping for outdoor speakers. You will also want to keep in mind other characteristics, like Bluetooth capabilities, whether they are wireless, if they can mount directly onto walls or ceilings, if they are environmental speakers that can blend into your patio, and more. But you are not alone in the shopping process. Our experts are trained in everything there is to know about outdoor speakers, including which speakers offer the best quality at affordable prices. We can also help you determine which types of speakers are best suited to the environment where you want to install them, like a poolside patio or a small yard with plenty of foliage. Contact Abt's Custom Audio/Video Department by phone 847-544-2307 or email to receive information on the custom AV installations and services we provide.

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