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You might use half a dozen digital devices on a daily basis, and they all have one thing in common: a battery that never seems to last long enough. Our selection of Batteries has the replacement battery or disposable alkaline batteries that will fit your device. A spare battery and portable battery charger will help you get more use out of your digital camera or camcorder and ensure you'll never worry about a dead battery during a special moment.

A battery charger is a great item to have to accompany your favorite electronics. With the right battery charger, you can be sure you have the power to take pictures, record video, run your computer as well as a whole host of other activities that run on a rechargeable battery. Find the right portable battery charger at Abt Electronics.

Battery technology continues to improve, but most batteries still don't have the kind of life we'd like them to. Before you pack for a big trip, grab an extra battery and portable battery charger for your digital camera or camcorder and cover your bases. Because there's nothing like a dead camera battery to ruin a once-in-a-lifetime event.