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It's not every day you get everything you need. But this is not an everyday laundry pair.

The new GE® frontload laundry pair delivers energy and water savings with the HydroMotion™ wash system, which rotates in two directions for an exceptionally efficient and thorough clean.

It offers time savings with a king-size wash basket and dryer drum, along with a superfast sensor-drying system.

And it provides space savings with a versatile design that makes it easy to stack the dryer on top of the washer.

On top of all this, it delivers long-lasting dependability with a QuietBalance™ suspension system and quality-engineered components.

Outstanding performance with every wash load. Now you can count on consistently clean clothes every washday.


Clothes Care
Increases the water temperature to sanitize and kill more than 99% of many common bacteria found in home laundry.*


HydroMotion™ wash action
Reversing wash action offers great cleaning performance with gentle wash motion.

3.8 cu. ft. king-size capacity**
Makes room for more items, such as a king-size comforter or 23 full-size bath towels.
Uses as little as 10 gallons of water for a small load and 15 gallons for an average-size load, which saves up to 23 gallons per load, or 61% water.***

From the makers of America's most dependable washers!†


*When selecting the washer water temperature "Sanitize" and soil level setting "Heavy" with home hot water heater set at 120°F.
**Washes equivalent amount of clothes as a 3.8 cu. ft. agitator machine, per IEC ratios.
***As compared to a typical washer, WWSE5240.
†Based on an independent national survey of consumers who have purchased a leading brand of washer from 2001-2004.

Not all features available on all models.



Water Savings
If every U.S. household currently using a non-ENERGY STAR® washer replaced it with a GE frontload washer:

  • The water saved each year would fill more than one million Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • Consumers would be able to save a combined annual total of more than $3 billion in water bills.
  • Nearly 9 trillion gallons of water would be saved over 12 years, enough water to sustain every person on the planet for three days.
  • HydroMotion™ wash system uses a little as 10 gallons of water for a small load and 15 gallons for an average-sized load.*
  • The new frontload washer meets the criteria to earn the CEE tier 3B energy qualification.

Energy Savings

  • The GE frontload washer exceeds the 2004 minimum energy factor by 75%.**
  • The washer's total energy and water savings can pay for the initial cost of the washer over its life.†
  • 1000 RPM Spin Speed extracts more water meaning less drying time in the dryer.
  • GE frontload washer exceeds 2004 ENERGY STAR® guidelines by 28%.† Plus, it already meets 2007 energy standards.
* Model WBVH6240F based on a 3-lb. small load and 8.1-lb. typical-size load, per DOE J1 test procedure.
** Model WBVH6240 compared to the MEF requirement of the DOE Energy Conservation Standard 2004-2006.
† Based on an average cost of water, energy and sewer over 12 years using 10 loads/week compared to typical topload washer, WWSE5240D.
As an ENERGY STAR® partner, GE has determined that the WBVH6240 washer meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency.

Not all features available on all models.

The dryer's 7.0 cu. ft. king-size capacity with durable scratch-resistant DuraDrum™ interior, is large enough to handle anything the washer sends its way.


Clothes Care
Sensor Dry Plus
Moisture and temperature settings provide more consistent clothes care.

Dewrinkle cycle
Tumbles clothes without heat to reduce creasing and wrinkling.
7.0 cu. ft. king-size capacity
Large enough to handle anything the washer sends its way.
King-size drum handles even the largest loads, saving you time.

Not all features available on all models.

Interactive Feature Gallery
View the frontload laundry pair interactive feature gallery by clicking the image below

Interactive Control Panel


Flow-Thru™ dispensing system
Releases cleaning solution at just the right time for optimal wash performance
  Chrome-plated Reversible 15" door
Chrome-plated reversible dryer door allows for easy and flexible installation
QuietBalance™ suspension system
Ensures reliable, quiet operation for flexible installation
  Multiple dry cycles
Cycles are matched to fabric type for enhanced drying performance and flexibility. Includes special cycles such as Speed Dry and Active Wear
Optional pedestals
Increase accessibility and provide convenient storage for laundry supplies
  Cycle signals
Adjustable end-of-cycle signal alerts you when the load is dry, so clothes can be removed before wrinkles set in. Damp alert signal lets you remove the load of clothes while they are damp
Heavy-duty hinge
Provides strong, lasting support for door and allows smooth opening
  Speed Wash
For lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry
Cycle countdown display with LED
Indicates remaining cycle time, allowing for easier coordination of laundry tasks
  Frontload laundry pair

Not all features available on all models.

SudsLogic™ Technology
If too many suds are detected it automatically adapts to prevent over-sudsing.
  Dual Thermistors
Combined with sensor bars, these help maintain consistent heat and ensure the right level of dryness is reached
Load-Sensing Adaptive Fill
Washer automatically fills with just the right amount of water for the load.
  Removable Lint Filter Reminder Light
Reminds you to clean the upfront filter.
QuietBalance™ Suspension System
Ensures reliable, quiet operation for flexible installation.
  QuietPower™ Design
Motor and blower isolators, DuraDrum™ interior and sound-dampening materials ensure quiet operation.
Stainless Steel Wash Basket
Professional grade stainless steel wash basket stands up to the toughest loads and is built for years of reliable use.
  DuraDrum™ Interior
Handles king-size items and family-size loads with a durable scratch-resistant interior.
GentleClean™ Lifters
Lightly tumble clothes for an exceptional clean, with minimal wear and tear.

Not all features available on all models.

Designed for maximum flexibility and versatility, our frontload laundry pair offers several installation configurations.

Side-by-side   Side-by-side with pedestals
Custom built-in/custom under-counter   Stacked

Not all features available on all models.

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