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Energy Saving Tips

Easy ways to start saving energy today:

  • Unplug electronics and appliances when they are not in-use. Try using a surge protector or power strip that has an on/off switch, this will make turning your appliances on/off safe and easy. When appliances are plugged in, even if they are not "on" they can still consume the energy of a 75-100 watt light bulb running constantly.
  • Save energy by turning your computer off or put it in stand-by or hibernate mode. Computer hibernation is the best way to conserve energy with your computer. Starting it when it is completely off uses more power than start up from a hibernation state.
  • Rechargeable batteries are a great way to cut down on waste. If you are able to recharge batteries, you won't be recycling or throwing away as much waste.
  • Setting your refrigerator to between 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit and freezer to 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit will save energy too. It's always best to use any energy-save options on appliances; they will conserve the most energy.
  • Appliances like ovens can use a lot of energy. If you keep the door closed for the length of the time that you are cooking, heat stays in and uses less energy to stay heated.
  • Microwaves are a way to cut down energy consumption. If you reheat and cook small meals with a microwave you won't have to use the energy it takes to heat an entire oven.
  • Use dishwashers on their short cycle for full loads. Turn the washer off during the dry cycle.
  • Remember when using your washer and dryer there are ways to save energy too. Set the water to cold. If you have a small load, set the water to small. Dryers should always have a clean lint tray. Don't add wet clothes to those that are mostly dry.

Always turn lights off in rooms that are not in use. Think twice before printing, and when ever possible recycle!
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