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The Best Ranges of 2023

Abt's industry experts have been helping people to craft their dream kitchens complete with every home appliance needed for decades—including next-gen ranges. Whether you have a preference for a certain fuel type like gas or electric or are hoping for that perfect look for your home, you're sure to find exactly what you need (and love) here at Abt. The best ranges of 2023 below have been vetted by our sales team, and are perfect for making dinners for family gatherings, multi-course breakfasts and the simple heartwarming lunches you look forward to on a weekend day. Explore our picks below.
Angled view of an electric GE Profile range with controls on top in a kitchen

But First: Do I Need A New Range?

It's true that every kitchen needs one of these cookers, but if you already have one that truly works, you might be wondering why you should get a new one just for the new year. And that's a valid question, but the best ranges of 2023 blow old models out of the water when it comes to elements like style, functionality and smart technology. If your existing range uses electricity and you'd rather use a gas range (or induction), now is the perfect time to upgrade. Or maybe you have a white model and you're searching for the perfect choice in stainless steel. Or it's finally time to create a smart home complete with Wi-Fi connected appliances. Whether you're ready for a change in fuel type, finish or smart tech, our list of the best ranges of 2023 has everything you need to find your next beloved appliance.

Best Value With All The Features

Samsung 6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Smart Freestanding Gas Range With No-Preheat Air Fry & Convection

Front View of Samsung 6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Smart Gas Range With No-Preheat & Air Fry - NX60A6511SS/AA
Freestanding ranges are some of the most versatile members of their appliance family: instead of needing to fit between counter components like a slide-in model, these ones can be placed anywhere thanks to their finished sides. This Samsung model has earned its spot on our list of the best ranges of 2023 all because of its high-powered cooking features.
Instead of just simple heating, this cooker can do it all—really. It can air-fry foods (perfect for game-day bites and after school snacks), doesn't need to preheat before roasting or baking and of course, it can heat with convection. The triple-threat oven capabilities are only rivaled by smart technology: connect to your phone via Wi-Fi to monitor both the cooktop and oven from anywhere. You can even use voice control to tell this appliance what to do. And with a price point that's appealing for all of those features, there's a reason that this one tops our list of the best ranges of 2023.

Best Electric Range

GE 30" Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Range

Front View of GE 30-inch Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Range
Electric ranges can get a bad reputation among gas fuel lovers, but there will always be things electric models can do that gas versions can't. This GE appliance demonstrates that perfectly. Bakers will always choose electric, and the best electric range on our list is equipped with dual elements in the oven for perfect baking. Upper and lower heating elements ensure an even bake unbothered by uneven gas ignition or flaring. Above, the cooktop is topped with smooth ceramic glass for an incredibly easy cleaning process: there's no need to fight to remove heavy grates. Stains wipe away easily. And at the bottom, you'll find the perfect spot to place your saucepans and baking dishes when you're not baking.

Most Affordable Induction Range

Frigidaire Gallery 30" Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel Induction Range With Air Fry

Front View of Frigidaire Gallery 30-inch Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel Induction Range With Air Fry
If induction heating is new to you, you're not alone: this method of cooking uses electromagnetic energy to directly heat your cookware, with no need for flame and none of the cons of electric heating. This Frigidaire model pushes the boundaries of induction range with a lower pricepoint that allows more people than ever to enjoy the benefits of induction. Other pros include the ability to air fry snacks and dinners, as well as steam cleaning capabilities. True convection takes the cake for those who love using their oven for both roasting meats and baking sweets. This multifunctional and multitalented appliance truly belongs on our list of the best ranges of 2023. Before you buy, make sure you have magnetic cookware (or buy some new). If a magnet sticks to it, you can cook with it.

Best Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range

GE Profile ADA 30" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range

Front View of the GE Profile ADA 30-inch Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range - PGS960YPFS
If you love the idea of dual wall ovens but aren't interested in the installation process that comes with it, this pick from our list of the best ranges of 2023 is for you. You can use both compartments in this GE Profile appliance to cook different dishes at once, and with over 6 cubic feet between the two compartments, you'll have an easy time making dinners—fast. Entrees on the top, side dishes on the bottom. Or bake desserts in both places: it's all up to you.
There's more to this model than just a double oven. The slide-in range's sleek construction means there's no rear panel for an uninterrupted aesthetic, while edge-to-edge construction allows you to use the entire cooktop at once. Air-fry within as you use Wi-Fi connectivity to check on the status of your food, too. Finally, a tri-ring burner and griddle burner gives you even more versatile cooking options than ever. All the different ways you can cook up food have helped land this GE Profile pick a spot on our collection of the best ranges of 2023.

Best Gas Range For Small Spaces

Amana ADA 20-inch White Freestanding Gas Range With Compact Oven Capacity

Front View Of The Amana ADA 20-inch White Freestanding Gas Range With Compact Oven Capacity
When space is truly at a premium, you need a kitchen with as small a footprint as possible, and this Amana range takes that idea to its apex. With a width of just 20 inches, this model is perfect for apartments, condos and the smallest of homes. That being said, it doesn't sacrifice much to achieve this small-space miracle. Atop are four burners, and even surrounds those burners with an upturned ridge. That means any spills stay within for easy cleanups that don't go all over the floor and countertops. Finally, the 2.6 cubic foot oven delivers steady heat with help from the Temp Assure™ cooking system. If you don't have the room for large double ovens or the counter space to slip a slide-in model, this Amana version is the one to choose on our list of the best ranges of 2023.

Best Electric Range For Small Spaces

Frigidaire 24" Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Range With Fan Convection

Front View Of Frigidaire 24-inch Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Range With Fan Convection
Not all small spaces use gas fuel, and that's why we added this high-powered Frigidaire model to our list of the best ranges of 2023. While this freestanding appliance might be a bit wider with a 24-inch width, it more than makes up for it in style and functionality. The smooth glass cooktop is easy to clean should anything spill, and fan convection within ensures you'll have an even bake no matter what you're crafting within. Pull out warm banana breads or whole holiday meals: the 1.9 cubic foot oven is just big enough for what you'll need. Plus, the Frigidaire range doubles as a storage space with a convenient drawer at the bottom. Whether you're frying, baking or storing, this range is doing double duty in any small space.

Find All The Best Ranges at Abt

Whether your existing appliances are on their way out or you're in search of an upgrade for your new dream home, you'll find what you need here at Abt. Choose one from our list of the best ranges of 2023, explore our collection online, or call our team of specialists at 800-860-3577 for help finding exactly what you need.

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