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Columbus Day Savings - Save Throughout The Site
Columbus Day Savings - Save Throughout The Site

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Car Security System Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a car security system.

Getting Started

Satellite radio has become increasingly popular since its launch in the consumer market in 2001. For those who don't know what satellite radio is, it's time to turn off your home radio and your car stereo and step into, what feels like, the future.


Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors advises you if the top down or windows are open. They will also protect the cargo areas in vans and trucks.

Glass-Break Sensors:

Indicates when glass is being broken on your vehicle. For this reason, a thief is unable to bypass the alarm.

Remote Start

As you most likely know, Remote Starts offer a convenient way to turn a car on from a distance. This means that in the winter you can start your car to warm it up, or in the summer start your car to cool it down. However, did you know that some Remote Starts also offer added security? Remote Starts that have security offer features such as additional alarms, as well as indicators that inform intruders that there is a security system aboard. Some Remote Starts can even be controlled by your smartphone!

Other Things to Consider

What Kind of System Do You Want?

Basic alarms or alarms that communicate with your remote control. Alarms that communicate with the remote control can indicate if your vehicle is being stolen or if the doors are unlocked.