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TV mounted on wall

How to Mount a TV on a Wall: The Ultimate Guide

Gone are the days of setting a television on a dedicated table and running wires across the room. We no longer want to see extension cords, three-prong converters, and tangled wires (in fact, we have a whole guide on how to hide cords). Bring your devices into the 21st century by wall mounting your television. It's surprisingly easy, and the finished product is a sleek, seamless entertainment hub that doesn't detract from the room's design.
Not sure how to set a TV on the wall? All you need is the right television mount (and a few household tools). These flexible space-savers make installing your screen a breeze, creating an attractive display that's more of a design element than a piece of technology. If you're ready to install your screen, we're ready to help you through the process.
Man Installing TV Mount on Wall

How To Mount A TV On A Wall: Getting Started

You might think this process is complicated from the get-go, but it's actually simple and straightforward—ideally, you won't even need professional help. Almost all companies use a pattern standardized by the international nonprofit VESA, meaning you won't have to worry too much about finding a compatible model for your television. Just ensure the frame that you pick out is rated for your device's weight.
The design above features a plate that hangs on the wall and arms that attach to the television for an incredibly simple installation process. Just because that mount is fixed doesn't mean they all are. Not all of these frames are created equal. They come in full-motion, tilting, and fixed position options, all of which can help you achieve different goals based on your room layout. Some can even help reduce glare and fit in corners, while others give you easy access to cables.
If you're not sure which one is best for your home, check out our Abt Mount Finder Guide along with our TV Mount Buying Guide. These resources should help you find the answer to almost any question you could have about mounting your television.
How To Wall Mount a TV (LED & LCD) - Abt Electronics Video
How To Wall Mount a TV (LED & LCD) - Abt Electronics
How To Wall Mount a TV (LED & LCD) - Abt Electronics Video How To Wall Mount a TV (LED & LCD) - Abt Electronics Video
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How to Mount a TV on a Wall: Steps To Mounting

Before you start, you'll need the following supplies. Most can be found in the average household toolkit. You'll also want to enlist a friend or family member to help, especially if it's a heavy television that could be hard to lift. You'll need:
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Fasteners
  • Drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wall mount

Follow These Steps To Know How To Mount A TV On A Wall

  1. Install the Arms onto the TV—Technically, the first step you should really take is picking the spot where you want to hang your screen—and making sure it's near an electrical outlet After that, install the arms into the rear of the television using a screwdriver. We don't recommend using a powered drill for this step, as you could damage the device.
  2. Prepare the Wall—The next step is to hang the mounting plate on the wall. Using the tape measure, determine where the best place for the bottom of the bracket is, then use a pencil to mark it. Don't worry, you can always erase it later. Use your stud finder to find the studs, and mark them with the pencil. Finally, use your level to position the plate and drill the holes into the stud marks according to the size of your fasteners. You should screw directly into studs when assembling.
  3. Mount the Backing Plate—As you begin, hold the mounting plate as you hand-screw the fasteners into the pre-drilled holes. If the backing plate is especially large or heavy, it's a good idea to have your second set of hands hold it up while you work the screwdriver (or vice versa). Using your drill or an impact driver, drill your screws into the studs to hold your backing plate in place. Finally, use your level again to make sure you're not at any odd angles. You'll definitely notice it when you're watching films and shows.
  4. Hang Your TV—To hang your screen, you'll have to connect the arms on the back of the television with the slots on the backing plate. This part is where you'll need your second pair of hands for sure. Connect your arms to the plate, and voila! Your device is off the floor, and you now know how to mount a TV on a wall, and have experience doing so.

How To Mount A TV On A Wall: Reference the Manufacturer's Instructions

Now that you're empowered with knowledge, keep in mind that not all TVs, frames, and walls are the same, so you'll want to make adjustments as they're needed. Reference the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of the frame as well as those provided by the television manufacturer. Finally, consider the strength of your home. If you're not certain, wait and do your research before drilling any holes.
Wall Mounted TV in Living Room
If you're still not sure how to mount a TV on a wall, contact our experts at 800-860-3577. We'll be happy to send a professional to your home or give you tips on how to work through installation yourself. Whether your television is 4K or 8K resolution, or made with OLED or QLED technology, mounting it will create a stylish and functional entertainment center that won't get in your way. Discover more about the television that's best for your lifestyle. And when you're ready, follow along with our video tutorial as one of our specialists installs a TV.