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How To Prepare For Traveling In The Summer

While summer is the most popular time to travel to many destinations, it can be the most uncomfortable – especially if your vacation coincides with a local heat wave. This infographic will help you learn how to beat the heat this summer and get ready for your vacation.
Abt's How To Prepare For Traveling In The Summer Infographic

How To Prepare For Traveling In The Summer Infographic

Key Points

    Pack Carefully

    • Lightweight, light-colored clothing will help prevent overheating compared to heavier, darker clothing.

    Check Weather

    • There is no excuse for not knowing what the weather will be like where you are headed, so check the weather at your local airport, and all the stop along the way.

    Manage Cash Flow

    • If you're traveling domestically, be sure to hit your own bank before leaving for your trip; that way you won't arrive short on cash and have to immediately search for an ATM. Further, you will save on ATM fees at machines run by someone other than your bank.

    Arrive Early at the Airport

    • Check airport maps before you head to the airport to figure out how hard or easy it is to get around, and plan accordingly. Like for domestic, arrive 2 hours early and for international arrive 3 hours early.

    Planning for your first day excursion

    • Before departing on your trip, do some diligent research as to nearby famous attractions and restaurants you would like to visit. This avoids you scrambling to find things when you arrive.

    Utilize Public Transportation

    • Get around the city like the locals. Public transit is a cost-effective and adventurous way to explore a new area. Whether it be by a rail system, ferry, or gondola, you are guaranteed to see something you wouldn't normally see from the back of a taxi.

    Plan for time zone changen

    • A few days prior to your trip gradually augment your schedule to help your body prepare for the new time zone. Start with 30-60 minute increments and increase it each day. This reduces how much your body clock needs to shift on arrival.

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Share Our Infographic On Your Site!

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