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Voice Recorder Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a voice recorder.

Getting Started

Using a voice recorder is a great way to capture high quality sound, under most conditions. They can play back audio books, music, and podcasts. Certain models offer voice-to-text conversion software allowing you to convert recorded files into text. We recommend researching each model to find the features you require most.


Recording Time

Abt carries digital voice recorders, they record high-quality audio for eight or more hours, based on the device’s specific memory capacity. We recommend recording at the highest quality settings possible, so make sure you choose a recorder that offers you enough recording time under these settings.

Recorder Data Storage

A digital voice recorder offers the most innovative and advanced storage methods. Most come with built-in flash memory, which allows you to record and store data, which you can transfer to your computer via a USB connections. Some recorders offer expandable memory, giving you the option to purchase additional memory in the form of a removable memory stick or memory card, giving you unlimited capacity. Store other types of files on your digital voice recorder too, like documents, images, and audio files. Depending on the specific model, you might have the option to organize your media and recordings into separate folders.

Recording Features

Voice Operated Recording (VOR) is one feature that eliminates hassle. Your recording begins when the unit detects sounds and will stops when there is a period of silence. Other features, like cue and review, make it easier to locate and play back specific sections of your recordings. In addition, some digital voice recorders have an LCD display to simplify navigation and display information.

Digital Voice Recorder Connectivity

If you plan to transfer recordings or files between your device and a computer, make sure your recorder offers PC connectivity. Most digital voice recorders allow you to transfer data to a PC through a USB interface.

Voice Recorders & Transcription

If you want the option of transcribing voice into text, you will need software. Some higher-end models might bundle software, like Dragon Naturally Speaking, or include their own transcription software. With some units, you will have to purchase this software separately. Always read each model's description to see what's included.

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