Why We Can't Show the Price:

Our goal is to always offer you the best possible price. However, some manufacturers set minimums on prices that may be shown online. Abt wants to offer you a better price than the manufacturer minimum so our only option is to hide the price.

It's Easy To See The Hidden Price - Just A Few Clicks:

  • If you have an Abt account: Make sure you are logged in and simply add the product to your shopping cart. The product price will show in the shopping cart.
  • If you don't have an Abt account: Click here to create an account. If you don't want to create an Abt account, you can still see the price by beginning the checkout as a guest. An alert box with pricing will appear at the top of the shipping page.
  • This won’t require you to purchase the product. (you can easily remove it from your shopping cart if you decide not to buy it). Your order will not be placed until you click the "Place Order" button on Step 3 (Order Review) of checkout.

    You can also call, email or chat with us to get the sale price.

    We realize this is an inconvenience to our customers and are constantly educating manufacturers how their policies impact our customers.