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Olympus EVOLT E-410 Black 10 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera - EVOLT E-410

Abt Model: EVOLTE410KIT | UPC Code: 050332160422
This product is no longer available.

Product Details

Olympus EVOLT E-410 Black 10 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera - EVOLTE410KIT

The Olympus EVOLT E-410 digital SLR is a great camera to help you evolve as a photographer. Only Olympus digital SLRs are engineered to be 100-percent digital. Simply put, this means your pictures will have stunning edge-to-edge sharpness that can’t be beat. Olympus’ Live View LCD technology is a unique feature that enhances your picture-taking experience. Whatever life brings, whatever you’re photographing, you’ll capture colorful memories with the E-410’s proven Dust Reduction System and powerful, 10-megapixel imager.

We innovated Live-View LCD screens on our digital SLRs to make your shooting experience better. At Olympus, we trust what our customers have told us and we’ve learned that Live View technology will enrich your photography experience in any situation, from any angle.

The 2.5 HyperCrystal LCD (230,000 pixels) provides many times the contrast of conventional LCD monitors, and enables images to be beautifully displayed in vivid color, even from 176-degree viewing angles or in bright sunlight.

The ergonomic, portable, lightweight design makes you feel as though you are reaching out and effortlessly grabbing vivid snapshots out of thin air.

Yes, it’s possible to effortlessly snap beautiful shots. The E-410 makes it easy to shoot like a pro with 20 easy-to-use Scene Select Modes like Fireworks, Night Scene, Portraits and even underwater modes. And it also provides 30 easy-to-use Exposure Modes.

Yeah, we know what you want. You want a digital SLR so you can capture stunning detail and color in every picture. The E-410’s 10-megapixel Live-MOS imaging sensor and TruePic™III Image Processor has you covered.

Here’s yet another technology that we pioneered. Olympus is the only digital camera manufacturer that has a proven anti-dust system. You’ll get spotless, pixel-perfect pictures – every time.

With our large selection of lenses designed especially for digital photography, you’re sure to get memorable shots. Whether you’re zooming at the soccer game, or snapping wide-angle group shots of the entire family, your pristine Zuiko-digital lens is going to get the job done.

The EVOLT E-410 has two memory slots that hold Compact Flash Type I and Type II, Microdrive and xD picture cards. Use the dual slot design to transfer images you want to save from one card to another. Manage your memories better.


  • You might not have time to capture the photo you're after using the traditional viewfinder. With the E-410, you have another option - use the Live-View LCD screen to preview and review.
  • The high-resolution, 2.5 inch HyperCrystal™ LCD screen (230,000 pixels) you can compose your shots easily, even in bright sunlight. You'll see the screen with amazing clarity from almost any angle.
  • Thanks to a powerful 10-megapixel Live-MOS sensor, you'll see more detail in your pictures than ever before. And you'll have the flexibility to crop and still produce large, detailed prints.
  • Certified as an Olympus Eco-product, this camera has a reduced environmental footprint across its entire product lifecycle, which encompasses not only the product and its packaging, but also the manufacturing and logistical processes in bringing the product to the marketplace.
  • Keep dust spots off your photos. The Olympus dust reduction system is an industry first and a proven technology. Every time you turn on the E-410, our Supersonic Wave Filter™ – located between the shutter and the image sensor – silently vibrates an amazing 35,000 times per second.
  • Dust is flung away and collected so it can't come back. You can take full advantage of all the benefits of Olympus SLR cameras and change lenses anywhere without worrying about dust.
  • The second you pick up the E-410, you'll notice how naturally it fits in your hand. The body is ergonomically designed for superior comfort. It's lightweight and stylish so it's a pleasure to carry and use for hours at a time.
  • Olympus' digital-specific Zuiko lenses provide edge-to-edge pixel-perfect clarity. Unlike film lenses, these advanced, precision-engineered 100-percent digital lenses are designed to work perfectly with all the camera's digital technology. The result? Your photos will have exceptional color and clarity. All Zuiko Digital™ lenses are compatible with all Olympus E-System digital SLR cameras.
  • What could be better than 20 easy to use Scene Select Modes? Simply select the right mode for your shot. The E-410 takes care of the rest. You'll find 20 modes covering practically every common shooting scenario including Portrait, Fireworks, Sports, Landscape, Sunset, Underwater and many more.
  • Exercise tight control over your photos with 30 advanced exposure modes including program, aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual control.
  • Get a great shot in any lighting situation with five metering modes including the new 49-point ESP Meter.
  • You have several memory options to save what you've shot. Choose from Dual Slot Compact Flash Type I and Type II, Microdrive and xD Media.
  • Shoot using JPEG format for no-hassle sharing, printing, and viewing. Or shoot using RAW format for highest image quality and control.
  • The new TruePic III™ processor gives you brilliantly clear, bright photos with accurate skin tones.
  • New easier-to-read menu background color.
  • Compatible with sRGB or Adobe RGB color spaces.
  • Fine-tune your photo's colors with five modes (Vivid, Natural, Muted, Monotone, Sepia). Or shoot in black and white using five monochrome modes. Be as creative as your imagination allows.
  • Choose from three selectable AF points.
  • Use the built-in, auto pop-up flash with six modes including auto and redeye reduction. You can even manually adjust flash intensity.

Package Contents:

  • E-410 body
  • 14-42mm lens (kit contents)
  • 40-150mm lens
  • Li-ion battery BLS-1
  • Li-ion battery charger BCS-1
  • USB cable
  • Video cable
  • Shoulder strap
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card.


  • Product Type
    • Product type Single-lens reflex Live View digital camera with interchangeable lens system
    • Memory CompactFlash Type I/II, Microdrive, xD-Picture Card (Dual-Slot)
    • Sensor Size 17.3 mm (H) x 13.0 mm (V)
    • Lens mount Four Thirds Mount
  • Effective Pixels number
    • Effective Pixels number 10 million pixels
  • Image Pickup Unit
    • Product type Live MOS Sensor
    • Total no. of effective pixels Approx. 10.9 million pixels
    • Aspect ratio 1.33 (4:3)
    • Filter array Primary color filter (RGB)
    • LPF Fixed type
    • IR cut filter Hybrid type
    • Dust reduction Supersonic Wave Filter (dust reduction system for image sensor)
  • Recording
    • Recording format DCF, DPOF compatible/Exif, PRINT Image Matching III
    • File format RAW (12-bit), JPEG, RAW+JPEG
    • Recording image size
      • [RAW] 3648 x 2736 pixels
      • [JPEG] 3648 x 2736 pixels - 640 x 480 pixels
    • File size:
      • RAW:3648 x 2736 compressed Approx. 11MB
      • SHQ: 3648 x 2736 Approx. 1/2.7 compressed Approx. 6.8MB
      • HQ: 3648 x 2736 Approx. 1/8 compressed Approx. 4.7MB
      • SQ: 3200 x 2400 Approx. 1/2.7 compressed Approx. 5.3MB
      • 3200 x 2400 Approx. 1/4 compressed Approx. 3.7MB
      • 3200 x 2400 Approx. 1/8 compressed Approx. 1.7MB
      • 3200 x 2400 Approx. 1/12 compressed Approx. 1.1MB
      • 2560 x 1920 Approx. 1/2.7 compressed Approx. 3.6MB
      • 2560 x 1920 Approx. 1/4 compressed Approx. 2.2MB
      • 2560 x 1920 Approx. 1/8 compressed Approx. 1.1MB
      • 2560 x 1920 Approx. 1/12 compressed Approx. 0.7MB
      • 1600 x 1200 Approx. 1/2.7 compressed Approx. 1.3MB
      • 1600 x 1200 Approx. 1/4 compressed Approx. 0.8MB
      • 1600 x 1200 Approx. 1/8 compressed Approx. 0.5MB
      • 1600 x 1200 Approx. 1/12 compressed Approx. 0.3MB
      • 1280 x 960 Approx. 1/2.7 compressed Approx. 0.8MB
      • 1280 x 960 Approx. 1/4 compressed Approx. 0.5MB
      • 1280 x 960 Approx. 1/8 compressed Approx. 0.3MB
      • 1280 x 960 Approx. 1/12 compressed Approx. 0.2MB
      • 1024 x 768 Approx. 1/2.7 compressed Approx. 0.5MB
      • 1024 x 768 Approx. 1/4 compressed Approx. 0.4MB
      • 1024 x 768 Approx. 1/8 compressed Approx. 0.2MB
      • 1024 x 768 Approx. 1/12 compressed Approx. 0.1MB
      • 640 x 480 Approx. 1/2.7 compressed Approx. 0.2MB
      • 640 x 480 Approx. 1/4 compressed Approx. 0.2MB
      • 640 x 480 Approx. 1/8 compressed Approx. 0.1MB
      • 640 x 480 Approx. 1/12 compressed Approx. 0.1MB
  • Viewfinder
    • Product type Eye-level single-lens reflex viewfinder
    • Field of view Approx. 95%
    • Viewfinder magnification Approx.0.92x (-1m-1, 50mm lens, infinity)
    • Eye point Approx. 14 mm (-1m-1)
    • Diopter adjustment range -3.0 - +1m-1
    • Focusing screen Fixed (Neo Lumi-Micro Mat screen)
    • Eyepiece shutter Eye piece cap EP-4 supplied
    • Eye cup Interchangeable type EP-5 supplied: optional EP-6 or Magnifier Eyecup ME-1
    • Preview Can be checked (when Left arrow pad is set in preview mode),
      selectable from the optical viewfinder or rear-mounted LCD monitor
    • View finder information Aperture value, Shutter speed, Record mode, AF confirmation mark, Flash, WB, AE lock, Number of storable still images, Exposure compensation value, Metering mode, Battery warning, Exposure mode, AF frame (super impose)
  • Live View
    • Live View Live MOS Sensor for still picture shooting is used, 100% field of view, Exposure adjustment pre-view, White balance adjustment pre-view, Grid line displayable, 7x/10x magnification possible, MF/S-AF, AF frame display, AF point display, Shooting information, Histogram, Heat warning.
    • AF Available with phase -difference detection system
  • LCD Display
    • Product type HyperCrystal LCD (semi-transmissive TFT color LCD)
    • Size 2.5 inches
    • Total no. of pixels Approx. 230,000 pixels
    • Playback field of view 100%
    • Brightness control 15 levels
  • Focusing
    • AF system TTL phase-difference detection system
    • Focus mode Single AF (S-AF) / Continuous AF (C-AF) / Manual Focus (MF) / S-AF + MF / C-AF + MF
    • Focusing point 3-point multiple AF (Auto, selectable in option)
    • Focusing point selection Auto/Option selectable
    • AF luminance range EV 0 to 19 (at 20, ISO 100)
    • AF illuminator Built-in flash (external flash available. Inactivation is available to set.)
    • AF lock Locked at first position of Shutter button in Single AF mode / AEL button (customizable)
    • Focus tracking Interlocked with Continuous AF mode
    • Focus aid Available
  • Exposure Control
    • Metering system TTL open-aperture metering system
    • (1) Digital ESP metering (49-point multi pattern metering) (2) Centre weighted average metering
    • (3) Spot metering (approx. 1% for the viewfinder screen) (4) Spot with Highlight control
    • (5) Spot with Shadow control
    • Metering range EV 1 - 20 (Digital ESP metering, Centre weighted average metering, Spot metering)
    • (At normal temperature, 50mm f2, ISO 100)
    • Exposure mode (1) Auto (2) P: Program AE (Program shift can be performed) (3) A: Aperture priority AE (4) S: Shutter priority AE (5) M: Manual (6) Scene program AE (7) Scene select AE
    • Scene program AE Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sport, Night + Portrait
    • Scene select AE Portrait, Landscape, Landscape + Portrait, Night Scene, Night + Portrait, Children, Sport, High Key, Low Key, Digital Image Stabilization, Macro, Nature Macro, Candle, Sunset, Fireworks, Documents, Panorama* (* Available with the Olympus xD-Picture Card), Beach & Snow, Underwater Wide, Underwater Macro
    • ISO sensitivity AUTO / ISO 100 - 1600 (AUTO: Automatic control is available in AUTO, Program, A, Scene program, Scene select, Flash be fired. Up to ISO 800)
    • Exposure compensation ±5 EV in 1/3, 1/2, 1 EV steps selectable
    • AE lock Locked by first position of Shutter button / AEL button (customizable)
    • Exposure bracketing 3 frames in 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1EV steps selectable
  • White Balance
    • Auto WB system Advanced detection system with Live MOS sensor
    • Preset white balance 7 settings (3000K - 7500K) Lamp (3000K), Fluorescent 1 (4000K), Fluorescent 2 (4500K), Fluorescent 3 (6600K), Daylight (5300K), Cloudy (6000K), Shade (7500K)
    • White balance compensation ±7 steps in each R-B/G-M axis (in Auto WB/Preset WB mode)
    • Custom white balance 1 setting can be registered at Kelvin temperature (2000K - 14000K)
    • One-touch white balance 1 custom setting can be registered
  • Color Mode
    • Color matrix sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • Picture Mode
    • Mode Vivid, Natural, Muted, Monotone (default setting: Natural)
    • Adjustment parameter Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation level available in 5 steps for Vivid, Natural or Muted
    • Contrast and Sharpness level available in 5 steps for Monotone
    • Filter effect Yellow, Orange, Red or Green filter available for Monotone
    • Picture tone Sepia, Blue, Purple or Green tone available for Monotone
    • Gradation 4 levels (auto, high key, normal, low key)
  • Shutter
    • Product type Computerized focal-plane shutter
    • Shutter speed Auto mode: 2 - 1/4000 sec. (depends on settings), P(Ps), S, A, M mode: 60 - 1/4000 sec. (Bulb: up to 8 min. with limiter), Scene program/Scene select mode: 4 - 1/4000 sec. (depends on settings) 1/3EV steps
    • Self-timer Operation time: 12 sec., 2 sec. (cancel available)
    • Remote cable release Available (with optional RM-UC1 Remote cable.)
    • Optical remote control Operation time: 2 sec., 0 sec., bulb control available (with optional RM-1 remote control)
    • Anti shock mode Available (1 to 30sec in each 1sec selectable)
  • Drive
    • Drive mode Single-frame shooting, Sequential shooting, Self-timer, Remote control
    • Sequential shooting speed Approx. 3 frames/sec.
    • Max. recordable pictures RAW mode: Max. 6 frames
    • on sequential shooting JPEG mode: Depends on compression ratio and no. of pixels (HQ mode: approx. up to card capacity)
  • Integrated Flash
    • Built-in flash Retractable flash (Auto pop-up type), GN=12 (ISO 100.m)
    • Compatible external flash FL-50, FL-36, FL-20, SRF-11, STF-22
    • Flash control mode TTL Auto (TTL pre-flash mode), Auto, Manual
    • Flash mode Auto, Red-eye reduction, Red-eye reduction slow sync., Fill-in, Slow synchronization, Manual, Off.
    • Synchronization speed 1/180 sec. or less, Super FP up to 1/4000 sec.
    • Flash intensity control Up to ±2 EV in 1/3 EV steps
    • Synchronization timing 1st curtain synchronization/2nd curtain slow synchronization (selectable)
  • Super control panel
    • Information Battery information, Exposure mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity,
      Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, BKT warning,
      NR warning, WB, WB compensation value, Picture mode, Flash mode, Record mode, Image size, Card information,
      Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode, Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, FP warning
      AF frame, AF illuminator, Color mode, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, Gradation, IS activating mode, Heat warning.
    • Back light timer Back light lighting time is selectable. (Keep, 8, 30sec, 1min)
  • Playback
    • Playback modes Single-frame, Index (4/9/16/25 frames), Calendar, Close-up ( 2 - 14X),
      Slideshow, Picture rotation (auto mode available)
    • Information display Histogram (independent luminance/RGB available),
    • Highlight/Shadow point warning, AF frame, Shooting information
  • Menu
    • Languages Americas: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Custom setting
    • Custom function Left arrow button is available to set some functions. (OFF, One touch WB, Test picture, Preview, Live preview)
    • Custom reset 2 settings are recordable.
  • Image Editing
    • Erasing function Single frame, All frames, Selected frames (with protect function)
    • Protect function Single frame, Selected frames, Release protect (Single/All selected)
    • Copy between media Single frame, All frames, Selected frames
    • RAW picture editing RAW development
    • JPEG editing Monotone, Sepia, Red-eye reduction, Saturation (color depth), Resize (producing another file)
  • Print
    • Print function Print reservation (DPOF), Direct print (PictBridge compatible)
  • Input/Output
    • PC interface USB 2.0 High Speed for storage and camera control (MTP mode is available)
    • USB/Video connector Dedicated multi-connector (Video: NTSC/PAL selectable, Optional Remote cable RM-UC1 is available)
    • Flash attachment Hot shoe
  • Power Requirements
    • Battery BLS-1 Li-ion battery (included)
    • Sleep mode Available (1, 3, 5, 10 min., off selectable)
    • No. of recordable pictures Approx. 500 shots (optical viewfinder)
    • (with 50% flash light) (with BLS-1 under CIPA testing standard)
  • Operating Environment
    • Temperature 32-104F / 0 - 40 (operation) / -20 - 60 (storage)
    • Humidity 30 - 90% (operation) / 10 - 90% (storage)

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Width: 5.1"
  • Height: 3.6"
  • Depth: 2.1"

Approximate Weight:

  • Unit: 0.825 lbs
  • Shipping: 2 lbs
Key Features
Includes 14-42mm Lens And 40-150mm Lens/ 2.5 " HyperCrystal LCD Screen/ 10-Megapixel/ 20 Scene Select Modes/ 30 Exposure Modes/ Live-MOS Imaging Sensor/ TruePic III Image Processor/ Black Finish
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