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Sony BD/DVD Home Theater System - BDV-IS1000

Abt Model: BDVIS1000 | UPC Code: 027242731110
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This product is no longer available.

Product Details

Sony BD/DVD Home Theater System, Model BDVIS1000

The Sony® BDV-IS1000 integrates Full 1080p high-definition with Blu-ray Disc™ performance and S-AIR™ wireless technology to create theater-like images and full sound from five incredibly small golf ball-sized speakers and a subwoofer. With Dolby® TrueHD and dts®-HD new sound formats and dual HDMI™ inputs let you experience astounding HD video and audio performance. The system also delivers up-scaled DVD video (up to 1080p) via HDMI1, while BRAVIA® Sync for Theater technology offers one-touch operation of your compatible Sony home entertainment devices. The BDV-IS1000 also offers BD-Live, 24p True Cinema™-capable performance, and the xross media bar™ icon-based graphical user interface for simplified navigation and operation. Includes a Digital Media Port that connects to a range of optional accessories. For added convenience, the Digital Cinema Auto Calibration™ feature optimizes sound for your room at the push of a button.


  • Integrated single disc BD/DVD/CD Player
    Delivers incredible HD picture/audio quality
  • S-AIR™ Wireless capability
    Lets you fill multiple rooms in your home with sound from the main unit
  • Included WAHT-SA10 S-AIR™ wireless surround receiver
    Enables the system to deliver room-filling surround sound without the hassle of running speaker wires across the room
  • HDMI™ connectivity (2 in / 1 out) with Active Intelligence (repeater)
    Allows you to run other HDMI™ sources through the BVD-IS1000 for simplicity and great sound
  • Xross media bar™ Graphical User Interface
    Provides intuitive and easy-to-understand operation with four directional controls
  • Precision Cinema™ HD via HDMI upscaler
    The player can convert standard-definition signal (480i) of DVD and output at a 1080p video signal. Precision Cinema HD Upscale generates each pixel based on information from the original source, whether it is film or video and whether the pixel is in motion or still. It also helps compensate vertical edge and create smooth diagonal lines, so you can enjoy your own DVD libraries with detailed images
Package Content:
  • Sony Home Theater System
  • S-Air Surround Ampilifier (WAHT-SA10)
  • S-Air Transmitter (EZW-RT10 x 2)
  • Wall Hanging Bracket (5)
  • Video Cable (Composite x 1)



  • Audio
    • Digital Amplifier: Yes (FL/FR/C/M/SW=32bit, SL/SR=24bit)
  • Audio Formats
    • 2ch STEREO: Yes
    • A.F.D. Multi: Yes
    • A.F.D. Standard: Yes
    • Dolby® Digital EX Decoding: Yes
    • Dolby® Pro Logic® II: Yes (Music/Movie)
    • Dolby® Pro Logic® IIX: Yes (Music/Movie)
    • dts® Decoding: Yes
    • dts® NEO:6 Decoding: Yes (Music/Cinema)
    • dts® 96/24 Decoding: Yes
    • dts® ES Decoding: Yes
    • LPCM: Yes (2ch / 5.1ch / 7.1ch)
    • Dolby® Digital: Yes
  • Equalizer
    • Audio DRC: Yes
    • Bass/Treble control: Bass/Treble
    • Night mode: Plus
    • Portable Audio Enhancer: Plus
  • Function
    • BD Read Capability: Yes
    • DVD Playback: Yes
    • SAT/CABLE: Yes
    • Tuner Type: Yes (AM/FM)
    • TV: Yes
  • Inputs and Outputs
    • Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output(s): 1
    • Composite Video Output(s): 1
    • HDMI" Connection Output(s): 1 (Upscale to (1080p) for DVD)
    • Headphone Input(s): Yes (3.5mm @Surround Unit)
    • Optical Audio Input(s): 2 (SAT/CABLE, TV)
    • Analog Audio Input(s): 2 (SAT/CABLE, TV)
    • Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr ) Input(s): 1 (SAT/CABLE)
    • Composite Video Input(s): 1 (SAT/CABLE)
    • HDMI" Connection Input(s): 2
    • S-Video Output(s): 1 (BD/DVD only)
    • Speaker Terminal: 2 (Front); 1 (Center); 2 (Subwoofer-1 mid & 1 bass)
    • Coaxial Audio Input(s): 2 (Rear)
    • D.C.A.C. (Auto Calibration): Yes (Mono Mic.)
  • Power
    • Power Output: 450W (RMS)- 50W x 5 (FTC 0.7%THD); 100W+100W (Sub Woofer) ; 395W (FTC 0.7% THD)- 35W x 5 (FTC 0.7% THD) & 75W x 2 (subwoofer)(FTC 0.7% THD)
  • Sound Mode
    • Auto: Yes
    • FS Limit: Yes (48KHz/192KHz)
    • Movie: Yes
    • Music: Yes
    • News: Yes
    • Sports: Yes
    • X-Round: Yes
  • Tuner
    • Band: AM/FM
    • External FM/AM Antenna: Yes (75ohm)/Yes
    • Preset Channel: AM10/FM20
    • Tuning Range: AM: 530-1710 kHz (10k step), 531-1710 kHz (9k step); FM:87.5 MHz-108.0 MHz (100 kHzstep)

Center Speaker

  • General
    • Enclosure Type: Closed
    • Rated Impedance: 10ohm
    • Speaker Unit: 1
    • Type: Micro Sat (Golf Ball Size)
    • Front Grille/Material: Fixed
  • Speaker
    • Speaker System: 1 way

Disc Based Player

  • Format
    • AVC-HD (8cm/12cm) (DVD+R/RW/-R/-RW): Yes
    • BDAV/BD-R v1.0 (SL/DL): Yes/Yes
    • BDAV/BD-RE v2.0 (SL/DL): Yes/Yes
    • BDAV/BD-RE v2.0 /BD-R v1.0 (SL/DL) ARIB: Yes/Yes
    • BDMV/BD-R v2.0 (SL/DL): Yes/Yes
    • BDMV/BD-RE v3.0 (SL/DL): Yes/Yes
    • BD-R/ RE (BDAV/BDMV): Yes/Yes
    • BD-ROM (SL/DL): Yes
    • CD (CD-DA): Yes
    • CD-R/RW: Yes/Yes
    • DVD+R (DL) (+VR): Yes
    • DVD+RW (8cm) (+VR): Yes
    • DVD+RW/+R (+VR): Yes/Yes
    • DVD-Audio: Yes
    • DVD-R_(DL): Yes
    • DVD-R (DL) (VR): Yes
    • DVD-RAM: Yes
    • DVD-RW/-R (8cm): Yes/Yes
    • DVD-RW/-R (Video): Yes/Yes
    • DVD-RW-/R (VR): Yes/Yes
    • DVD-RW/R (VR) with CPRM: Yes/Yes
    • DVD-Video: Yes
    • Hybrid Disc (BD/CD): Yes/Yes
    • Hybrid Disc (BD/DVD): Yes/Yes
    • Hybrid Disc (DVD): Yes
    • JPEG: Yes
    • Mixed Disc (BDMV): Yes
    • MPEG Audio: Yes
    • SA-CD: Yes
  • Mechanism
    • BD-Live (profile 2.0): (Upgrade)
    • Bonus View (Profile1.1): Yes
    • Tray Lock: Yes
    • Type: disc Tray

Front Speaker

  • General
    • Enclosure Type: Closed
    • Front Grille/Material: Fixed
    • Model Name: SS-ITF1
    • Rated Impedance: 10ohm
    • Speaker System: 1 way
    • Speaker Unit: 1
    • Type: Micro Sat (Golf Ball Size)
    • Woofer Unit: W:16mm x H:120mm x 2pcs


  • BRAVIA® Sync"
    • BRAVIA® Theatre Sync: Yes
    • Control for HDMI - Easy Setting: Yes
    • Language Follow: Yes
    • One-Touch Play: Yes
    • Remote Control Pass Through: Yes
    • System Audio Control: Yes
    • System Power Off: Yes
    • Volume Limit: Yes
  • Convenience Features
    • AM/FM Memory Presets: 20 FM - 10 AM
  • HDMI" Audio
    • Dolby® Digital bit-stream out: Yes
    • Dolby® Digital Plus bit-stream out: Yes
    • Dolby® TrueHD bit-stream out: Yes
    • dts® bit-stream out: Yes
    • dts®-HD High Resolution bit-stream out: Yes
    • dts®-HD Master Audio bit-stream out: Yes
    • LPCM 2ch (192kHz/96kHz/48kHz) out: Yes/Yes/Yes
    • LPCM 6ch (192kHz/96kHz/48kHz) out: Yes/Yes/Yes
    • LPCM 8ch (96kHz/48kHz) out: Yes/Yes
  • Modes
    • Stand-by Mode: Yes (Normal / Quick Start)
  • On-Screen Display
  • Other
    • A/V SYNC (Lip Sync): Yes (0ms - 300ms / 25ms step)
    • Child Lock: Yes
    • Dimmer: Yes (On/Off)
    • Timer: Yes (Sleep)
    • VACS: Yes
  • Power
    • Power Consumption (in Standby): 0.3W
    • Power Requirements: 120V AC, 60Hz
    • Power Consumption: 100W
  • Video
    • BD: HD (24Hz) (24p True Cinema): Yes
    • BD: HD (60Hz): Yes
    • BD: HD 24Hz to 60Hz conversion: Yes
    • BD: SD (60Hz): Yes
    • Block Noise Reduction: Yes
    • Color: Black
    • Component: Yes (480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i)
    • Frame Noise Reduction: Yes
    • HDMI" Connection(s): Yes (480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p(60Hz))
    • Mosquito Noise Reduction: Yes
    • Video DAC (Component): 1080i,720p : 12bit/148.5MHz
    • Video DAC (Y/C): 480i,576i : 12bit/54MHz
    • XMB® (Xross Media Bar): Yes


  • General
    • Battery: AA / Manganese
    • BRAVIA® Sync" direct key: Yes
    • Pre-Program: Yes


  • General
    • Model name: SS-ISW1
    • Active/Passive: Passive
    • Cabinet Material: Wood
    • Cutoff Frequency: 800Hz
    • Enclosure Type: Closed/Bass reflex
    • Front Grille/Material: Fixed
    • Input Terminal: Screw/2 pairs
    • Rated Impedance: 4ohm/4ohm
    • Speaker System: 1 way
    • Speaker Unit: 12cm/16cm
    • Supplied Cable: 3.5m x 2

Surround Speaker

  • General
    • Enclosure Type: Closed
    • Front Grille/Material: Fixed
    • Model Name: SS-IS15
    • Rated Impedance: 10ohm
    • Speaker Unit: 1
    • Type: Micro Sat (Golf Ball Size)


  • HDMI" Features
    • Component to HDMI": Yes (SAT/CABLE)
    • Composite to HDMI": Yes (SAT/CABLE, DMPORT)
    • Video Signal Input (1080i): Yes (Decode to 1080i HDMI Video Signal output)
    • Video Signal Input (480i/480p): Yes (Decode to 480p HDMI Video Signal output)
    • Video Signal Input (720p): Yes (Decode to 720p HDMI Video Signal output)
    • Deep Color: Yes
    • x.v.Color": Yes
  • Video
    • Video Decoder (A/D): 480i/576i : 10bit/54MHz; 720p/1080i : 10bit/74.25MHz


  • S-Air
    • Power Output - Surround: 35W x 2 (FTC 0.7%THD), 50W x 2 (RMS 10%THD)
  • Video Features
    • BD-Live (profile 2.0): (Upgrade)
    • Bonus View (Profile1.1): Yes
    • XMB® (Xross Media Bar): Yes

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Receiver
    • Height: 4.9"
    • Width: 16.9"
    • Depth: 14"
  • Front/Center/Surround Speakers
    • Height: 2.2"
    • Width: 1.8"
    • Depth: 1.6"
  • Subwoofer
    • Height: 12.6"
    • Width: 7.7"
    • Depth: 14.6"
  • Surround Amplifier
    • Height: 3.3"
    • Width: 3.9"
    • Depth: 13.6"

Approximate Weight:

  • Receiver: 22 lbs
  • Front/Center/Surround Speakers (Each): 0.2 lbs
  • Subwoofer: 12.3 lbs
  • Surround Amplifier: 5.7 lbs
  • Shipping: 44 lbs

Warranty Information:

  • Manufacturers Warranty(authorized online retailer):
    1 Year Parts and Labor


  1. Requires HDMI connector (Supplied) and compatible HDTV. Certain circumstances may limit or prevent Blu-ray Disc™ media or DVD playback. Upscaled image quality may vary
  2. BRAVIA® Sync for Theatre does not support camcorder. Supports select Sony Home Theater products
  3. Transmits up to approximately 164 feet. Signal and sound quality may vary
  4. Firmware update may be required. Internet access and external storage required (sold separately)
  5. Requires HDMI connector (sold separately)
  6. Digital Media Port and accessories required (iPod dock TDM-IP1 not supplied). Interoperability and compatibility among Bluetooth devices varies
  7. Requires HDMI connector

Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Key Features
DVD Home Theater System - BDVIS1000/ S-AIR Wireless Capability/ XMB (Xross Media Bar) Graphical User Interface/ Precision Cinema HD With HDMI Upscaler/ 24p True Cinema/ Deep Color/ x.v.Color/ 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p(60Hz) Resolution With HDMI/ Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD High Resolution, DTS-HD Master Audio, LPCM 2ch, LPCM 6ch, LPCM 8ch Decoder With HDMI/ Black Finish
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