Sony DMX-NV1 BRAVIA Internet Video Link

The new Sony DMX-NV1 BRAVIA Internet Video Link connects your TV to the internet, giving you the ability to watch videos and other informational content from various website sources on your Sony TV. With a broadband internet connection and compatible Sony BRAVIA HDTV, you can watch music videos, movie trailers, and other video content as well as the latest news, weather, traffic, and more with no additional charges or download fees.

If your Sony TV has a feature called DMeX (Digital Module Expander), then it is compatible with the DMX-NV1. Hooking up this unit is fairly easy. You connect it to your TV using the HDMI input, and you'll also need an internet connection of some sort, whether you run an Ethernet cable to it or use a wireless connection. The unit can easily be mounted to the back of your TV or simply sit behind it.

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After you've hooked everything up, you will need to run through a short and painless setup. All you do is go into the menu and enter your area code, country, and city. After taking a moment to go through a few short steps, go ahead and let it rip. Just hit the HOME button on your TV's remote (which will bring up your menu), then use the directional pad to go down to Internet Video. From there it's going to bring you to your "My Page." This starts out by showing you the weather, traffic updates, and news stories that it constantly scrolls through.

If you go to the Video menu, you'll see links for AOL Video, Yahoo, Grouper, and more. When you click on these links you'll notice that thumbnails of movies will appear on your screen. You can choose to view a movie trailer by using your directional buttons and then hitting the center button to select one.

There also is a page for "My Video Links," which is similar to the Favorites folder on your computer. Linking to these videos can go very quickly, depending on your internet connection.

Having an internet source like the Sony DMX-NV1 plugged directly into your TV is extremely convenient. You can stream internet content right onto your TV screen without having to take the time to get up and go to your computer, helping you stay on top of the latest movies, videos, and information.


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